Women with grey hair can look 'better' with haircut that is 'stylish, youthful and easy to upkeep' - 'absolutely amazing'

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Women with grey hair should consider getting a new haircut

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 06/04/2024

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Grey-haired ladies may want to ditch their long, flowing locks in favour of shorter styles

Going grey is an inevitable part of ageing, yet many people do not know how to make it look its best.

Content creator Maria, who goes by Cool Sustainable on YouTube, shares her top tips and tricks for styling and looking after grey hair. She advised grey-haired ladies to consider getting a structured haircut.

Influencer Maria advised that women can "look better with grey hair" by heading to the salon and asking for a shorter, more structured cut.

While she is personally aiming for long, flowing grey locks, the creator believes that women with grey hair are usually more suited to pristine styles.

Woman with grey pixie cut

'If you don't mind a short haircut, go for a really structured one with really clear lines - maybe even super short if you don't mind that'


Maria said: "I have noticed that those ladies who go grey and have a really killer structured cut have absolutely amazing, stylish, youthful hair that is easier to upkeep.

"If you don't mind a short haircut, go for a really structured one with really clear lines - maybe even super short if you don't mind that. It makes grey hair look killer."

The Hair Styler described a structured haircut as "a do that has been carefully formulated and planned out so that it can stay in perfect shape throughout the day". Think short, blunt bob or pixie cut.

Women who don't want to chop their hair too short can create structure by adding face-framing layers.

Another way grey-haired ladies can look their best is by investing in a purple hair mask or shampoo.

Purple shampoo has been formulated specifically to reduce the appearance of brassy yellow tones in blonde or grey strands.

Recommending the purple hair mask Kérastase, Maria explained that it counteracts the yellowness in her hair and "helps me keep it white".

It is particularly helpful when she has spent time in the sun or used heated hair tools.

But the influencer offered a top tip for women using purple hair masks - less is more.

Explaining that she only applies it around once a month, Maria said that overuse can start to turn the hair purple.


Woman with long grey hair

Long, flowing locks may not be the most flattering option for grey hair


This happens when the colour from the mask stays on the hair shaft.

She said: "So if you're into the purple-grey look, that's cool. But if you're not, stick to using it once a month or every other month."

The influencer also claimed that women can look better with grey hair if they establish a good hair-washing routine. She explained: "Grey hair looks very dirty when it is dirty - and it starts to yellow."

Women with grey hair have also been told they must stop making a "big mistake" if they want to look their best.

In addition to going grey, many men will find that their hair starts to recede with age. An expert shared the "best" haircut for a receding hairline that makes men look "incredibly handsome".

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