Women with grey hair need to stop making 'big mistake' with products if they want to look their best

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A grey hair whizz shared the 'big mistake' women need to stop making

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 09/03/2024

- 13:55

Updated: 21/03/2024

- 19:47

Women who have gone grey do not need to invest in a whole host of new products - just one important item

Going grey is inevitable, although some people start to notice silver strands before others.

But going grey does not mean forgoing your looks and appearing older than you are. It's totally possible to maintain a youthful look and be incredibly glamorous with grey hair - if you follow a few key tips. A hair influencer told women to make sure they do not ditch their favourite hair products after making the change.

Katie from YouTube channel Katie Goes Platinum shared the "big mistakes" women make when they decide to ditch the dye and go grey for good.

The hair influencer said that a major mistake women tend to make when they go grey is ditching their old hair products.

Mature woman with grey hair

'If your current shampoo and conditioner are giving you the results that you want, you are totally free to keep using them until they run out'


She said: "A lot of us feel that once we go grey we need to discard all the products we were using on our hair and start fresh with grey-friendly products.

"If your current shampoo and conditioner are giving you the results that you want, you are totally free to keep using them until they run out."

There are plenty of products out there designed specifically for grey hair, however every individual is different and women must go with what works for them.

But grey hair guru Katie did recommend investing in one product if you plan to go grey gracefully.

She said: "The only product you might need to buy shortly after deciding to go grey is blue shampoo - and this is only applicable to brunettes who are going to go grey cold turkey."

Katie explained that for women who have used hair dye to cover their greys up to this point, if they stop colouring their hair the dye could take on a brassy, orange tone.

Blue shampoo can be a saving grace because it neutralises orange tones and "makes your hair look fantastic". Katie claimed that it also brightens the silver in your hair.

For women who have noticed their greying hair take on a yellow tone, the hair influencer recommended purple shampoo.

She advised that purple shampoo should be applied once weekly and followed up with a deep conditioner as it can dry.

Sparkling Silver's grey hair blog seconded the blue shampoo tip. One blog post read: "After a few inches of growing out greys, you might notice that your dark brown or brunette-coloured hair starts to look a bit brassy orangish as the colour starts fading. Here, it would help if you started using blue shampoo.

"Don’t worry about the silver strands, as it will add shine to them."


Woman getting her grey hair washed

Brunettes going grey might want to invest in blue shampoo, while blondes going grey should opt for purple


Sparkling Silvers added: "Purple shampoo combats unwanted warm or brassy yellow tones from blonde hair.

"So if you are a blonde growing out the greys and want to keep your growing blondes safe from discoloration and, at the same time, want your natural silvers to sparkle, start using a purple shampoo."

While going grey can be "liberating", like any journey it has its "pitfalls". The hair enthusiast said: "The secret is to avoid as many pitfalls as possible because let's face it, if your journey goes smoothly you're more likely to stick with it and reach your ultimate goal which is a full head of naturally silver hair."

In other hair news, both women and men will start to see their hair going grey with age. However, men may face the additional stress of a receding hairline.

For men dealing with this, hair experts have shared the "best" haircut for a receding hairline which can make men look "incredibly handsome". Not only is it suave, it's "low-maintenance" too.

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