‘It’s a game-changer!' How to look years younger at 50 with simple hair hack

‘It’s a game-changer!' How to look years younger at 50 with simple hair hack
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 09/01/2024

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A hairstylist shared how women over 50 can take years off their appearance

A hair expert explained that as women age, their hair does too.

The hair naturally loses pigmentation over time, however the age at which it does so totally varies from person to person. One woman may start going grey in their 20s, while another might escape silver strands until their 40s.

When a woman hits menopause, her hair - along with her nails and skin - may go through further physical changes.

One major change is that oil production decreases, resulting in a dry scalp and increased brittleness.

Hairstylist Glam Girl Gabi

A hairstylist told ladies over 50 to 'pump up the volume'

YouTube / Glam Girl Gabi

But ageing hair does not have to spell disaster, with Glam Girl Gabi telling over 50s how they can keep their hair looking “as lush and youthful as possible for as long as possible”.

A simple tip the expert gave was to “pump up the volume in your hair”.

She said: “There is nothing that gives you more of a facelift other than an actual facelift. I’m telling you, volume in your hair is a game changer.”

The hairstylist claimed that bouncy, voluminous locks make for a “universally flattering look”.

Women can achieve volume in their hair by applying volume products before blow drying their hair.

Alternatively, velcro rollers - arranged in a mohawk style - can achieve a voluminous look. Ladies will need to use a little heat for this, however, but be sparing.

The hair experts at John Frieda shared a few simple ways women can add volume to naturally fine hair.

According to the hair gurus, washing your hair the right way can reap wonderful results.

Mature woman with volume in her hair

'I’m telling you, volume in your hair is a game changer'


Women can invest in a volumising shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for a volumising purpose.

They should avoid using conditioner on their roots - focusing just on the lengths - so the hair does not become weighed down.

Once hair is washed, blow drying upside down can be great for “bounce” as it dries the hair away from the scalp. Once rough-dried, style as normal rather than upside down.

The experts advised that those with flat, curly hair, can also use this method but ensure they have a diffuser on a low setting handy to enhance and plump their curls.

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