'Best' haircut for a receding hairline can make men look 'incredibly handsome' - and it's 'low-maintenance' too

Man getting a haircut

Hair experts shared the 'best' haircut for men with a receding hairline

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 06/02/2024

- 18:20

Receding hairlines do not have to spell doom for men

A receding hairline is something that affects many men and is usually caused by pattern baldness. It is typically associated with ageing but some men experience it as young as their mid-teens.

But a receding hairline does not have to spell doom and gents can still look young, handsome and chic with the right hair cut.

Hair experts shared the "best haircuts for a receding hairline" so men don't have to compromise on looking suave.

For men with receding hairlines, the experts at Hair by L'Oreal offered a daunting but beneficial solution. They said: "The best way to hide a receding hairline is to get rid of it entirely.

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Man having his head shaved

'The best way to hide a receding hairline is to get rid of it entirely'


"Most men spend years dreading the day they’ll begin to lose their hair, but it’s a style that looks incredibly handsome on the right man."

Before taking the plunge, men must ensure they enlist the help of a barber they know and trust.

The experts said that a man's regular barber should know their lifestyle and be familiar with their head shape. They should also be able to decide if it’s the right cut for the individual.

According to the hair gurus, those willing to leap will enjoy a "low-maintenance cut that’s bound to turn heads".

For those who aren't quite ready to get rid of their hair completely, the buzz cut makes for a good compromise.

While this haircut won't hide baldness, the hairline becomes "far less noticeable" when the hair is so short.

Best haircuts for men with receding hairlines

  • Clean shaven
  • Buzz cut
  • High fade
  • Short shag
  • Caesar
  • Lumberjack haircut
Bald man with a beard

A clean shaven head provides a 'low-maintenance cut that’s bound to turn heads'


Other haircuts that work for men with receding hairlines include the high fade, short shag, Caesar and lumberjack.

With a high fade, the hair is very short at the sides but kept long on top. A short shag is essentially an "on-trend" combover.

A Caesar haircut was very popular in the 90s but still looks great nowadays on men whose hair is starting to recede. The cut achieves an undefined hairline as the hair is brushed forward.

Finally, a lumberjack haircut is similar to a high fade in that it is cut low on the sides and left long on top. However, according to the experts, a lumberjack haircut is not quite complete without a big, impressive beard. Not only does a beard look great, it also diverts attention from a receding hairline.

In other hair news for men, gents who have fine hair can make it look thicker in minutes with an "important tip most people miss"thicker in minutes with an "important tip most people miss".

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