Our Editorial Charter

GB News is an Ofcom regulated channel.

We stand for:

  • The independence of our journalism
  • Putting facts first
  • Respect for opinions and those expressing them
  • The right of every individual to form and share their views
  • Holding our leaders, our society and ourselves accountable
  • Bringing clarity to complex and contentious issues
  • Celebrating the potential and achievements of the individual and communities in shaping their and our nation’s future
  • Being one team, innovating side by side to bring the best out in each other

Our channel

We are proud to be the United Kingdom’s News Channel.

We place all its communities at the heart of everything we do. We tackle the issues that matter across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland not just the nation’s metropolitan centres. We are balanced and fair in our coverage and ensure conversations are insightful, respectful and set an example by treating others the way would we expect to be treated.

Our programmes

We focus on what is happening right across the country – good and bad – it’s about covering what is going on, not just what is going wrong.

We will find out what is happening, present facts in a clear and honest way and ensure our coverage is well-sourced, facts are checked and all data used is robust and accurate.

If we get it wrong, we will say so – and explain what happened. We will present our programmes in a manner that respects individuals and leads to a better informed community and nation. We value freedom of expression but not by causing unjustifiable offence or exposing our audience to harm, particularly in regards to our vulnerable viewers.

We do not shy away from controversial issues. We will take a frank and honest look at the world, but we are sensitive to complex subjects and protect privacy unless compelling public interest outweighs this expectation.

On data protection, legal and ethical matters we apply the very highest standards to maintain the trust of our audience. We safeguard the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults allowing their voices and views to be heard while ensuring they are treated with dignity and shielded from harm.

Our people

We choose to work at GB News because we believe in our Editorial Charter. We are disruptors. If we are not changing, we are not evolving.

We will challenge each other to think differently and to innovate. Impartiality and integrity are at the core of our commitment to delivering authoritative and accurate news the public trust and provide balanced coverage of often sensitive issues.

Our journalists will be drawn from many diverse backgrounds – we will not do ‘group think’.

We approach stories differently and challenge media conventions.

Our Community

GB News is an open forum for the community based on trust and respect. Our audience will have a voice in all our coverage. We don’t talk down to our audience. We listen. We have faith in the people of Britain to live their own lives and decide matters for themselves.

We seek to serve the nation by providing information and analysis that can help everyone make their own best choices. We want to give a voice to the real Britain, to showcase the ingenuity and innovation of our diverse communities, to celebrate what is inspirational and to shine a spotlight on the troubling issues of our country.

We have a full and transparent complaints process, dealing with issues swiftly and fairly and correct any errors as soon as we can. We are accountable to our audience and we will never forget they are the focus of everything we do.