Men can make their hair look thicker in minutes with an 'important tip most people miss'

Men can make their hair look thicker in minutes with an 'important tip most people miss'
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 15/01/2024

- 16:04

A barber told men how they can use a hair dryer to achieve fuller looking hair

Before men learn how to make their fine hair look thick and voluminous, it's important that they learn the difference between fine hair and thinning hair.

When someone has fine hair, it means that the individual hairs on their head are "skinny", often leading to "limp and lifeless looking" hair.

Thinning hair, on the other hand, is not necessarily fine - there's just a lot less of it.

Award-winning barber Matty Conrad advised those with thinning hair to consult their dermatologist for options. He said using the cold shot on the hairdryer is one of the most "important" parts.

Barber blow-drying a man's hair

The barber recommended a medium heat and high air flow


With regards to fine hair, he offered a top tip for transforming limp and lifeless locks into a voluminous mane.

Once it has been washed, men should dry their hair using a hair dryer, setting it to a medium heat and a high air flow.

He explained: "That's going to allow you to get the most amount of movement in the hair.

"Try using a brush or just your hands - the secret to creating volume is by going back and forth over the direction the hair's going to fall, and lifting the hair up away from the scalp to create volume."

However, he noted that men should only be trying to create volume on the top of their heads at the front.

The expert then urged men to use the cold shot on their hair dryer. He claimed: "This is one of the most important things that most guys miss when it comes to styling their hair".

Matty explained that the cold air makes the hair "rigid" and works to sculpt the hair into place - with the help of the air flow.

For "locked in volume and style", men should use the cold setting for about 60 seconds at the end of their blow-dry.

Man blow drying his hair

For thicker looking hair, create volume on the top of their head at the front


Finish off with matte hair paste or a spritz of hairspray.

Full, voluminous hair is associated with youth, for both men and women.

Men who incorporate this styling technique might be able to shave years off their age.

One hairdresser shared how women can look younger with one "game-changer" hair hack.

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