Community Rule Book


You, our GB News community, are the beating heart of everything we do.

As the People’s Channel we exist to give a voice to the real Britain, wherever you live in these wonderful isles. We know the wisdom of this nation is with you, its people.

We want to celebrate what’s great about the UK, and shine a spotlight on the issues that trouble us.

As a member of our community, you can now comment on and react to our live feed.

The GB News Community is a safe space for sharing opinion and sensible discussion.

We champion lively debate. Our presenters, guests and editorial team have many opinions (in fact, they rarely agree!) so we never assume you agree with them. We respect each other’s views – and yours – so please extend that same respect to everyone here.

Here are some simple rules for this site. Mostly they are simple common sense, but we may update them from time to time, so please read them before posting a comment.

  1. We welcome debate on all topics. Feel free – we want to hear what you think - but…
  2. Be kind. Personal attacks, trolling and abuse will not be tolerated. This includes anything racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful towards an individual or group
  3. No swearing please! You may think it’s mild but someone else may not. Let’s keep it clean – intelligent debate doesn’t need swearing.
  4. Be vigilant. If you think a comment isn’t right, please flag it for our moderators’ attention. It’s easy: just click the 'flag’ option under the comment.
  5. Keep it snappy. This isn’t the place for your novel. As a guide, we think 200 words or less is plenty to get your point across and keep the debate moving.
  6. No repetition. Reposting the same comment multiple times is boring.
  7. Honesty matters. Do not impersonate anyone (such as an expert, another user, or a staff member at GB News). If you are connected to a story or topic, please disclose this truthfully or, if in doubt, do not comment at all.
  8. Confidentiality and privacy. Please respect people's privacy and do not submit confidential or private information.
  9. Court matters. Never write anything which could prejudice court proceedings. If you have personal knowledge of anyone who has been arrested, charged, or is being prosecuted, do not mention it. You could be in contempt of court, a serious matter.
  10. No advertising, solicitation or investigations
    Please, don’t use our site for:
    • Any commercial purpose including promoting products or services
    • Any sponsorship, petition, campaign, scheme, or chain message;
    • An investigation e.g. tracing someone.
  11. No linking or copyright infringement
    This includes inserting a link to any website (URL) or submitting copyrighted material.

The moderation process

Comments which contain certain words are automatically flagged to our moderators. This means the comment is suspended until a moderator has approved it, usually within 24 hours.

Our moderators strive to be sensitive to context, and not to over-police. However, we reserve the right to delete comments - or ban users - without notification or explanation.

We have a full complaints process to deal with issues swiftly and fairly and will correct any errors as soon as we can.

In short: keep it clean, keep it kind, keep it legal and above all, keep it in the spirit of GB News!