Jeremy Clarkson shows support for Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen amid Ravenseat closure

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has shown his support for fellow farmer Amanda Owen

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/09/2023

- 12:15

Amanda Owen closed the doors to her farm Ravenseat back in July

Ever since Amanda Owen stunned fans by stopping visits to Ravenseat in the Yorkshire Dales, she's been relatively quiet across her social media channels.

In fact, besides a brief return to her Instagram Stories earlier this month to take part in a Yorkshire event, Owen hasn't posted on the social media site since mid-July.

However, this past weekend, the mum-of-nine decided to buck the trend and break her silence with an adorable snapshot of family life.

Owen shared a series of photos and videos of her children enjoying the hot weather by paddling in the water near their home.

"The place to be," the Channel 5 star penned alongside a series of swimming emojis before she included the hashtags: "#Yorkshire #homesweethome."

The adorable insight and return to the platform sparked floods of support from her followers - including celebrity-turned-fellow-farmer Jeremy Clarkson.

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen shared this snap of her kids enjoying the sun


The Clarkson's Farm star was clearly pleased to see Owen back on the platform as he liked the post shared by the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

And he wasn't the only person glad to see Owen and her family thriving amid Ravenseat's closure.

Taking to the comment section, one fan penned in response: "Great to see you posting again, hope you and the family are all ok xx."

Meanwhile, a second echoed: "We miss you Amanda, hope you are well!" followed by a series of love heart emojis.

Amanda Owen (second from right)

Amanda Owen (second from right) took on a work project earlier this month


Elsewhere, another added to the discussion: "Gorgeous Amanda! Hope you and the family are well x."

And a fourth weighed in: "That is a gorgeous sky, and great to see your posts again. Hope you are all well," followed by a love heart emoji.

"Missed your posts Amanda!" said a fifth Instagram user. "So good to see you back!" (sic)

While Owen's social media return may have been welcome news to many, they're still none the wiser as to why exactly Owen decided to shut Ravenseat's doors in the summer.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson was among the likes of Amanda Owen's latest post


Ravenseat has been forced to close before - in 2022 the demands of lambing season took priority - but this time around all fans were given was a cryptic and short statement.

Owen had penned on her Yorkshire Shepherdess website: "Ravenseat Farm is closed to visitors until further notice, so, unfortunately, we are not serving cream teas.

"Thank you for your understanding," Owen's statement concluded.

With Owen now back on social media, fans will undoubtedly be hoping they'll hear more about the reasons for Ravenseat's closure soon.

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