Darren Grimes

Growing up, I never imagined I would be interested in politics. I certainly never imagined I would go from a council estate to introducing the Prime Minister as he launches the referendum campaign in the North East. It has been quite the rollercoaster ride, complete with ups and downs, with joining GB News being a significant up.

My campaigning over the years, from referendums to general elections, really revealed to me just how wide the chasm has become between the political and media classes, and those that they purport to serve. The one line I keep hearing from people is that politicians and the media class are all the same. Fortunately I think that's changing with GB News.

GB News is offering up voices that have been ignored and forgotten for some time now; the EU referendum exposed the extent to which many voters feel unheard. That's why I relish the opportunity to cover issues, debates and stories that speak to them.

My GB News show is a forum to make you feel more included, to recognise that politics very much is for "people like us" and not just for the London SW1 bubble. It's an opportunity to tell the things that need to be told, to speak to the people who are willing to say them, and to debate the issues that for so long have been deemed unsayable on other channels.

My show is a bit of everything. I love covering the news, I love current affairs, I love politics, but most of all I want to do it with a bit of personality that doesn't leave you bored to tears.

When I'm not on telly, I enjoy being at the pub, cooking for the family or watching my team, Newcastle United, be thrashed at St James' Park.

I would be delighted if I had your company on GB News to discuss what matters to you.


What are you most proud of yourself for?

On a fair few occasions in my life, I could have thrown in the towel and washed my hands of the struggle. I never have; I'm immensely proud of that grit and determination to see things through.

What advice (if any) would you give your younger self?

There's nothing wrong with you, pet, or your accent; if they don't like it, that's their problem.

What makes Great Britain great?

The only time my grandad ever went abroad was to fight in the Korean War. A boy from County Durham fighting for freedom in Korea. Those values of democracy, fair play and liberty are represented so profoundly in our flag worldwide. I don't think we celebrate our nation anywhere near enough: who we are, the good we have done, and the good that we continue to do.

Why are debate and balanced arguments important to you?

GB News has finally levelled the playing field, giving us the chance to balance the news debate. For far too long, the news was identikit talking heads with identikit views and accents to match, with specific issues seen as being completely off-limits. That needs to change, and we are changing it.

How would your family describe you?

To my family, I'm a hard worker. More robust than I give myself credit for, and someone that makes them proud each day - their words, I promise!

Dream interview guest?

I would love to have met and interviewed [the philosopher and writer] Sir Roger Scruton. His considered and conscientious philosophy to life and contribution to the national debate is sorely lacking from our politics today.


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