Alastair Stewart shares heartfelt statement to fans after dementia diagnosis: 'I'll be back!'

Alastair Stewart shares heartfelt statement to fans after dementia diagnosis: 'I'll be back!'
Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/09/2023

- 08:20

The legendary broadcaster shared his diagnosis with Camilla Tominey on Sunday morning

Alastair Stewart sat down on The Camilla Tominey Show on GB News on Sunday morning to explain why he decided to step back from work commitments earlier this year.

The 71-year-old bravely and candidly told viewers he'd been diagnosed with early-onset dementia after a series of mini-strokes.

As a result, "six to nine" months ago, Alastair began to feel "discombobulated" and sought advice from his GP who, after a series of scans, broke the news to him.

Alastair discussed all aspects of living with the disease with Camilla, including the impact the diagnosis had on his wife, Sally.

The iconic newsreader and presenter admitted the most "difficult" thing about the ordeal was watching his loved one be "reduced to a carer".

Alastair also found himself overcome with emotion and tearful when Camilla revealed GB News would be naming its new Westminster studio in his honour.

Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart shared news of his dementia diagnosis with Camilla Tominey on GB News


Tributes and well wishes have flooded in ever since Alastair spoke with Camilla, with thousands taking to the web to share their messages of support.

And after his chat with Camilla, Alastair took a moment to speak exclusively to GB News behind the scenes where he had a heartfelt statement to share with his fans.

"Hello, it's Alastair Stewart," Alastair began. "I've just had a fantastic conversation with my very dear friend Camilla Tominey explaining the background to why I decided to call it a day,

"Both here at GB News but also broadcasting more generally, apart from more occasional events which I'm looking forward to still being able to do.

"And the main purpose of the interview was to confirm that I've had a series of minor strokes and that's resulted in early onset vascular dementia - which I'm dealing with!

"One of the key ways of dealing with it is - apart from doing whatever it is the NHS tell you to do and thank you NHS - is to be surrounded if you're lucky enough by really good people.

"And I wanted to repeat my enormous gratitude to all of the team here at GB News, the people I worked with one to one, my producers and scriptwriters as well as the management.

"But also you, the lovely men and women who are the GB News family of viewers and listeners who've been so supportive and understanding.

"I've had lots of messages on social media and the rest of it from you - it really, really matters.

"It's not the end of the world if you do have a diagnosis like I've had but you do need to look after yourselves!

Alastair Stewart crying on GB News

Alastair Stewart was reduced to tears during his interview with Camilla


"You need to stop smoking, you need to stop drinking to excess if you do do that and... you know, people in glass houses, I used to (but) I don't now so that's probably quite a good thing.

"But look after yourself and be nice to people and be kind to people like you've been to me.

"I can tell you from the bottom of my heart it makes the world of difference and it helps.

"So thank you all very much indeed. And watch this space because, I think as Arnie Schwarzenegger said, 'I will be back. Hasta la vista!'

"Thank you all so very much for your kindness, support, and warmth towards me," the 71-year-old signed off.

Alastair recently joined royal expert Cameron Walker to discuss the legacy of the Queen one year on from her death and he'll be back to contribute to the channel in the near future.

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