Carol Vorderman SACKED from BBC over breach of new social media rules: 'I’m not prepared to lose my voice'

Carol Vorderman SACKED from BBC over breach of new social media rules: 'I’m not prepared to lose my voice'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/11/2023

- 12:06

Updated: 08/11/2023

- 14:33

The BBC Radio Wales star will be leaving her role

Carol Vorderman has sensationally been told she must leave the BBC in reaction to the corporation's new social media guidelines.

The Beeb unveiled new rules for its presenters earlier this year in the wake of impartiality rows prompted by tweets from the likes of Vorderman and Gary Lineker.

Addressing her departure, Vorderman said in a statement: “The BBC recently introduced new social media guidelines, which I respect.

“However, despite my show being light-hearted with no political content, it was explained to me that, as it is a weekly show in my name, the new guidelines would apply to all and any content that I post all year round.

“Since those non-negotiable changes to my radio contract were made, I’ve ultimately found that I’m not prepared to lose my voice on social media, change who I am, or lose the ability to express the strong beliefs I hold about the political turmoil this country finds itself in.

“My decision has been to continue to criticise the current UK Government for what it has done to the country which I love – and I’m not prepared to stop. I was brought up to fight for what I believe in, and I will carry on."

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman has quit BBC Radio Wales


Referring to bosses' decision to sack her, Vorderman added: “Consequently I have now breached the new guidelines and BBC Wales management have decided I must leave. We each must make our decisions.

“I’m sad to have to leave the wonderful friends I’ve made at Radio Wales. I wish them, and all of our listeners, all the love in the world. We laughed a lot, and we will miss each other dearly. But, for now, another interesting chapter begins.”

The BBC published new rules which were applicable to presenters of flagship programmes outside of news and current affairs earlier this year.

However, employees who work for BBC news and current affairs would remain subject to stricter rules around impartiality when using social media.

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman presents a radio show on BBC Radio Wales


According to the BBC: "The new guidance recognises the importance of freedom of expression, but says that while a programme is on air, and for a two-week window before and after the series, presenters on flagship shows must not endorse or attack a political party.

"They must also not criticise the character of individual politicians in the UK, or comment on any issue of political debate during an election period, or take up an official role for a campaigning group."

If someone was to be found in breach of the Beeb's new guidance, disciplinary action may follow.

According to the corporation this could include possible termination of employment or contracts in serious circumstances.

Vorderman is no stranger to sparking controversy with her opinions which she regularly shares with her 891k X followers.

It was reported last month that bosses within the RAF were left contemplating whether to take disciplinary action against her due to her online posts.

Vorderman holds the title of Honorary Group Captain with the organisation.

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