Unlock one million Kindle books for FREE ...but this brilliant Amazon giveaway won't be around for long

a woman reads on her Kindle with the backlight on outdoors on a camping trip

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 22/01/2024

- 09:30

Updated: 22/01/2024

- 09:45

Kindle fans can read millions of novels, non-fiction, magazines, and audiobooks for free

If your New Year's resolution was to read more books, Amazon has a very generous giveaway to help out.

For a limited time, you can download and read millions of Kindle books for free — saving £18.98. That's because Amazon is offering two months of its Kindle Unlimited subscription service at no cost. Usually £9.49 per month, the subscription is like Netflix for books, offering a rotating selection of new novels, classic page-turners, non-fiction reads, magazines, and audiobooks.

You won't need to own a Kindle ereader to access the millions of free books, everything is available on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC, or tablet using the Kindle app.

You can switch between any of these gadgets — handy if you find yourself with a wait but you've left your tablet at home — with reading progress synchronised between all of your devices.

kindle ereader android tablet and smartphone pictured running the kindle app with access to the books and audiobooks included with a kindle unlimited subscription

Kindle Unlimited isn't just reserved for those with a Kindle ereader, it's also available on iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablet, thanks to the Kindle app


Cancel anytime during the two-month trial period and you'll be charged nothing from the online retailer.

Kindle Unlimited is one of the priciest subscriptions available from Amazon, costing £9.49 per month. In comparison, Prime Video — which competes with Disney+ and Netflix — costs just £5.99 per month.

But that hefty price tag is what makes this latest giveaway such an incredible deal.

Amazon has offered these types of deals before. In the weeks before Christmas, it offered three-months of Kindle Unlimited for 99p. Although this latest Kindle Unlimited price crash will only last for two months, it's completely free of charge.

If you take advantage of the deal, you'll be able to read from the selection of books, audiobooks, and magazines included with Kindle Unlimited until March 2024.

a woman in a swimming pool reading a book on the kindle oasis

Several of Amazon's best-selling Kindle ereaders boast a water-resistant case, so you can read in the bath, on the beach, or in a swimming pool without any worry about damaging the device


With Kindle Unlimited, you’ll be able to download and read bestsellers from the likes of Colleen Hoover, Matt Brolly, Amanda Prowse, Dean Koontz, Teresa Driscoll, and Melinda Leigh, to name just a few. The complete Harry Potter book series is also bundled as part of the monthly subscription.

"With Kindle Unlimited, you can reread your favourite series or discover a new series that you'll love," Amazon teases on its sign-up page.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan, Grazia, BBC Good Food Magazine, OK!, and Autocar are also included, with new issues available to download and read across any device with the Kindle app.

If you’d rather rest your eyes, Kindle Unlimited includes a limited number of audiobooks to stream from your car infotainment system, Bluetooth speakers, iPhone or Android apps.

Several Kindle models, like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis, support audio files, so you can connect a pair of wireless earbuds to listen to audiobooks on your ereader.

Unfortunately, if you recently took advantage of another free trial or discount to Kindle Unlimited, you won’t be eligible for this latest promotion. Unsure? Check if your account qualifies here.

Word of warning — if you sign-up for Kindle Unlimited at £0, Amazon will automatically renew your subscription at full price unless cancelled at some point during the two months. Remember to dive into your account settings and cancel the subscription immediately to avoid a charge in the coming weeks.

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