Eco-mob boss defends major security breach at Rishi Sunak’s home in 'peaceful protest' brag

​Ben Leo confronts Greenpeace boss Areeba Hamid

Ben Leo confronts Greenpeace boss Areeba Hamid

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 03/08/2023

- 21:59

Updated: 03/08/2023

- 22:24

A group of eco-zealots descended on the home of the prime minister on Thursday morning

Greenpeace have stood by their decision to cause chaos at Rishi Sunak’s Yorkshire home.

A group of eco-zealots descended on the home of the prime minister on Thursday morning before carrying out a demonstration on his roof.

They draped the PM’s manor house in North Yorkshire with an oil-black fabric to “drive home the dangerous consequences”, and action criticised by both the Conservatives and Labour.

Despite police being alerted to a major security breach and five arrests being carried out, Greenpeace bosses Areeba Hamid and Will McCallum stood by the group’s decision in an exclusive interview with GB News.

Determined to seek answers, Dan Wootton Tonight Programme Editor Ben Leo arrived at Greenpeace’s London HQ where he he “wasn’t invited” by Hamid.

“How ironic!”, Leo uttered in response. “Were you invited to Rishi Sunak’s house this morning?”

Hamid went on to question, “what should I apologise for? It was a peaceful protest and the prime minister has allowed hundreds of new oil and gas licenses.

“He wasn’t there, that was a matter of national news. We made sure he wasn’t there.

“We knocked on the door and there was no answer. We held him to account for a disastrous decision.”

Hamid was then joined by fellow director Will McCallum, who urged GB News’ Leo to “do his research” in a fiery exchange.

Ben Leo confronts Greenpeace bosses

Ben Leo confronts Greenpeace bosses


Leo went on to ask if the group were a “bunch of hypocrites” for opting to focus their protest efforts on the British Government, as opposed to China, a country renowned for detrimental environmental actions.

McCallum insisted that the group do “tons” of work in the communist state.

“We have an enormous campaigning organisation in China. Greenpeace are very present in China. Do some research,” he said.

Assistant Chief Constable Elliot Foskett said: “There was no threat to the wider public throughout this incident which has now been brought to a safe conclusion.”

But a former deputy chief constable from the force said it was a “major breach of security”, as he called for an “investigation into how this has been allowed to happen”.

Sunak, the MP for nearby Richmond, this week announced plans to “max out” the UK’s oil and gas reserves by granting more than 100 new licences for extraction in the North Sea.

He also hinted that the UK’s largest untapped oil field, Rosebank, to the west of Shetland, could be approved despite fierce opposition from environmental campaigners.

Climate-conscious Conservatives have joined campaigners to warn against the move, amid concerns it will hinder efforts to reach net-zero by 2050.

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