Sir Tom Jones embroiled in ITV The Voice 'fix' row as fans slam odd reason for snubbing performer

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones has sparked plenty of outrage following Saturday's show

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 03/12/2023

- 21:22

The 83-year-old singer was back strengthening his team on Saturday's The Voice

Sir Tom Jones has managed to irk a number of The Voice fans following Saturday's show after many took issue with his reasons for snubbing one of the performers.

So much so, several ITV viewers even went as far as to brand the competition a "fix" after seeing who the judge turned and refused to turn for.

Jones, who was back on the show after sparking health concerns earlier this series, turned his chair plenty of times during Saturday's show.

At one point, he turned for 25-year-old Jess Hayes alongside his three other coaches -, Olly Murs, and Anne Marie - although he missed out on landing her on his team thanks to Murs.

And during the show's final performance by 33-year-old Jazz Morley - who it transpired supported the 83-year-old at a 2019 gig - Jones turned his chair and bagged her as a singer on his team.

However, it's what Jones said to the penultimate performer of the evening, Zaza, which left fans scratching their heads.

Jones refused to turn for Zaza but swooped in to save her from a dreaded exit from the contest.

Just moments before he was shown turning for Jazz on-screen, Jones told Zaza why he refused to smash his button.

"The reason that I didn't turn is because I've got a lot of girls on my team but that's the only reason honestly, I loved what you did," Jones told The Voice contestant.

But moments later after he turned for Jazz, several X users shared their bemusement at Jones deciding he wanted another female on his team all of a sudden.

One X user fumed: "I thought Tom said he didn’t turn because he had enough girls. Then he turns for the next girl. I’ll never work out the logic of this show #makeitmakesense #TheVoiceUK."

A second weighed in: "#TheVoiceUK So Tom Jones tells a female singer she had a great voice and would have turned if he did not have so many females in his team. Then turned for the very next female."

While a third also spotted the odd reasoning: "Tom Jones told the previous lady he can’t take her because he has ‘too many girls’, but he just took another one? That’s not right. #TheVoiceUK #tomjones #thevoice."

However, a fourth person blamed the ITV production team rather than Jones: "#TheVoiceUK the only reason I didn’t turn was because I’ve too many ladies on my team said Tom!

Jazz Morley

Jazz Morley earned herself a spot on Tom's team


"2 acts later and a lady gets a turn from guess who? Sir Tom!! The production on this show will end up killing it!!"

A fifth wasn't as understanding as they raged: "Yes this show is 100% fixed. @itv time to scrap it or make it return where it was better anyway on the @BBC @BBCOne."

"Getting to think more and more that this 'contest' is fixed #thevoiceuk," another added to the online debate. (sic)

Fans will have to tune in next week to see if Jones manages to complete his team ahead of the next round of the competition.

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