Farage blasts 'European greed' as he clashes with Fred Siriex once again over EU in fiery I'm A Celeb row

Nigel Farage had to fight his corner

Nigel Farage had to fight his corner against Fred once again

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 03/12/2023

- 21:11

The GB News star and his campmate haven't seen eye to eye yet again

Nigel Farage and Fred Siriex found themselves at loggerheads for a third time over Europe during Sunday's I'm A Celebrity.

Their latest run-in comes almost two weeks after Siriex branded Farage "shameful" for his Brexit campaign and a week or so since the GB News star hit back at claims he "destroyed the economy".

On Sunday, Siriex and Farage's clash came as a result of a discussion about overfishing, a topic Farage debated during his time in the European Parliament.

Farage kicked off the discussion at breakfast as Josie Gibson put together some ells and rice.

He pondered: "I wonder how many people at home have had eel risotto for breakfast. From an environmental perspective, the way we’re fishing some of the oceans is not very clever.”

“We’re destroying the oceans," Tony Bellew weighed in before Farage explained: “I spoke about it in parliament.”

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“I’m sure you did," Siriex said with a sense of exasperation before Farage began to reel off why overfishing was becoming such a detrimental issue to the world.

“(It's) a combination of European greed -" Farage said but was soon cut off but a fuming Siriex.

"It’s not just European greed," Siriex cut in as they began to speak over one another. "You’ve got to stop saying that because it’s the world who is overfishing.

"You’ve got to stop saying European greed in all of this. This is just not right Nigel.”

“I can assure you -" Farage tried to explain but Siriex was having none of it as he hit back: “You’re fixated on this and you keep on with this narrative.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Siriex's rant continued: “He never answers the questions. But do you know why? Because he’s talking b*****.”

Farage also managed to irk Sam Thompson after he took aim at the Made in Chelsea's housekeeping abilities.

After saying Thompson had done "f*** all" around the camp, Danielle Harold overheard him and relayed the message to the reality TV star.

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson also clashed with Nigel


Not taking too kindly to the criticism, Thompson fumed in the Bush Telegraph: “Nigel, what a d***, proper ratted me out.

"I want to help the camp but I’m really forgetful so I just won’t remember to do it. I feel a bit guilty.”

Thompson, Siriex, Farage and the rest of their campmates will face the public vote to see if they keep their spot in the jungle.

Everyone at GB News is throwing their support behind Farage and you can learn all the ways you can vote to keep Nigel in the jungle here.

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