BBC Call the Midwife fans 'in tears' as beloved character 'exits' show

BBC Call the Midwife fans 'in tears' as beloved character 'exits' show

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 03/03/2024

- 22:21

Updated: 05/03/2024

- 08:08

The episode seemed to suggest Trixie Aylward will be leaving the show after more than 10 years

Call The Midwife’s series finale aired on Sunday, and long-term character Trixie Aylward's (played by Helen George) current storyline sparked a strong reaction from viewers.

Following a tough period, Aylward made a big decision at the end of the episode which led fans to believe the favourite could be leaving the series after 12 years.

Aylward had been struggling as her marriage had been on the rocks, and she'd become increasingly reliant on pills to help her cope.

She had started to make some big mistakes at work and, exhausted and distracted, she managed to burn herself in the latest instalment after her clothes caught fire, forcing her colleagues to realise she wasn't herself.

Aylward’s husband Matthew (Olly Rix) had moved to New York in the episode prior, and the struggling midwife called him, telling him she’d be joining him across the pond.

While she seemed delighted by the prospect, which was revealed at the end of the episode, viewers of the BBC show weren’t very pleased with the potential plot twist which they’ll now have to wait to get answers for.

Trixie Aylward

Trixie has starred in the show since its 2012 debut


Taking to X, formerly Twitter, fans expressed their disappointment, with some “crying” during the conclusion to the series.

“Trixie hasn’t left #CallTheMidwife for good… has she?” one asked, with another adding: “#CallTheMidwife I’m not crying… YOU’RE crying…. Just something in my eye….”

“Trixie going out to new york is NOT a good idea. it's inevitable that matthew will end up making dodgy financial decisions without consulting her and they'll end up right back at square one #callthemidwife,” a third chimed.

A fourth viewer fumed: “No, #CallTheMidwife, just no. Phyllis Crane, Trixie Franklin and Sr Julienne are the Holy Trinity, the three-legged stool on which Nonnatus House stands. Take away one leg of the stool, and what will happen if Trixie leaves?”

Trixie Aylward

Trixie told her husband she'd be joining him in New York


Another shared: “After all these years is Trixie going to leave - I hope she does as she deserves happiness and if that's with Matthew in NY and no longer Popular so be it #CallTheMidwife.”

“No Trixie don't leave Xx #CallTheMidwife,” another pleaded, while someone else added: “Oh Trixie. I don’t want her to leave #CallTheMidwife.”

“Trixie better not be leaving #CallTheMidwife,” (sic) another fan posted.

However, luckily for fans, all may not be as it seems with the storyline. It’s been reported actress Helen George will in fact be returning for series 14.

Trixie Aylward

Trixie was struggling to cope in the latest episode


Olly Rix however has left the show after four years and isn’t expected to make a return in the next series.

Speaking to Mirror Online, an insider explained: “This series ends with the firm impression that Trixie is off to America to start a new life with her husband and young step-son.

“But the good news is her trip will be fleeting, and Helen will be back to carry on next year.”

While fans may be relieved, it seems as though the beloved couple will be splitting for good, which could also disappoint viewers.

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