​Britons can fly across the world for 'ridiculously' low prices with a clever Google hack

Woman airport cheap flights

A travel enthusiast shared advice for cheap flights

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/10/2023

- 09:13

Updated: 16/10/2023

- 09:17

A travel hack could help Britons find the cheapest place to go when booking a holiay

Holidays can be pricey so finding ways to cut the costs are always welcome.

A travel enthusiast has shared tips to make sure holidaymakers visit the cheapest location.

It is the perfect hack for those who are not sure where they want to travel to.

The social media user urged Britons to go to Google and type in 'Google flights'.

Google flight map

GB News found cheap return flights across Europe


This will bring up a portal to search for flights.

Rather than typing in a destination, simply select 'anywhere'.

This will bring up a map with how much it will cost to fly to destinations across the world.

Britons will be able to see what the cheapest deals are and find "ridiculous" bargains, according to TikTok user @aroundtheatlas.

Prices will vary depending on the starting destination and dates and times of flights.

GB News found return flights from London to Venice or Barcelona for £30, return flights to Prague for £40 and Paris for £50.

This could make an affordable trip for anyone looking for a last minute European getaway.

Getting a good deal is essential for many holidaymakers, so experts have shared how to avoid being caught out if travelling by cruise.

Flight board airport

Cheap flights can help holidaymakers decide where to go


Britons have been warned to "think carefully" before booking a luxury cruise.

There are lots of options when booking cruises which should be considered depending on the needs of the holidaymaker.

There are some additional costs on board, such as extra charges for excursions and alcoholic drinks.

This comes amid a cruise price hike warning as Britons could be paying more than they did a year ago.

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