Britons warned to 'think carefully' before booking luxury cruise - 'don't learn hard way'

Couple on cruise ship

Holidaymakers should think carefully when booking

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 04/10/2023

- 12:30

Cruise guests have been warned before setting sail this year

Cruises are a great way to see lots of places in luxury.

Before going on holiday, an expert gave some important advice.

There are lots of factors to consider when booking a cruise.

This includes where the stops will be, what is included in the overall price and where to stay on board.

Cruise ship

Cruise ships are a luxurious way to travel


Experts at Panache Cruises shared why a lot of thought should go into what suite cruisegoers opt for.

They said: "Holidaymakers should think carefully when booking their stateroom or suite depending on specific needs.

"The location should be an important consideration.

"Those who struggle with walking should think wisely about where they would be best situated, and families should consider what facilities would be most convenient for them to be near."

Rooms on cruise ships vary in size and levels of luxury.

Those spending more time in their room might want better facilities, while those planning to be out and about can opt for a smaller room.

"The suite will be ‘home’ for the duration of the trip," the experts added.

"Cruisers should think about what is important to them.

"For example, those people on longer itineraries or who envisage spending significant time in their cabin should think about upgrading to a larger suite with a dining table, larger balcony and perhaps even their own butler."

Cabin on cruise ship

Cabins can vary greatly


They warned cruisegoers, "don't learn the hard way".

The experts shared advice to help holidaymakers keep costs down.

Not everything is included for a ship and Britons should take measures to avoid "being stung" by huge bills.

Another expert agreed and commented on the extras that can add up.

They explained luxuries such as alcoholic drinks or excursions can be "incredibly expensive".

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