FA under pressure to punish Emma Hayes after Chelsea boss caused outrage by pushing Arsenal rival

FA under pressure to punish Emma Hayes after Chelsea boss caused outrage by pushing Arsenal rival

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 02/04/2024

- 09:58

The Blues boss was unhappy after her side lost 1-0 in the final of the Continental Cup on Sunday

Fans want the FA to punish Emma Hayes after the Chelsea boss pushed Arsenal rival Jonas Eideball following her side's 1-0 defeat in the final of the Continental Cup on Sunday.

Stina Blackstenius netted the only goal of the game at Molineux to secure the trophy for her side.

Yet Hayes sparked outrage by pushing Eidevall after the full time whistle.

The Chelsea boss later accused Eidevall of 'male aggression', defending her actions in the process.

Football news Emma Hayes

Football news: Emma Hayes has caused anger by pushing Arsenal rival Jonas Eidevall


And fans on X have called on the FA to punish Hayes, with the governing body's stance on the matter currently unknown.

"You can't raise your hands on the pitch, so why is pushing managers off the pitch OK. FA need to be strong and punish Hayes!" fumed one user.

A second said: "Can you imagine the c**p he would've got if he pushed her back, hope Emma Hayes is punish (sic) by the FA for that absolutely disgraceful behaviour, well done to Jonas for not reacting."

A third made their feelings clear by saying: "The only way to make this acceptable is to punish Hayes properly."

"What will the FA do? Nothing is my guess," lamented a fourth fan.

A fifth said: "Appalling behaviour from Hayes here. The FA should give her a retrospective ban, without question."

A sixth raged: "Hayes is a legend in the female game but I think she should apologise for that PUSH.

"As if the tables were turned he would be up for misconduct charge by the FA."

Another fumed: "It wasn't acceptable. Being passionate is one thing but Hayes went too far.

"If Eidevall had pushed Hayes, everyone would've been in uproar & rightly so. The FA needs to treat it the same as every other altercation."

And a eighth user said: "Emma Hayes should be banned, disgusting behaviour from her.

"If it was the other way around, he would be branded a bully, fa should throw the book at her."

Hayes is undeniably a brilliant manager.

But her decision to push Eidevall has raised eyebrows and her refusal to apologise after the game has only added to the controversy.

Following Chelsea's defeat, the 47-year-old said: “You ought to really see me when I’ve got a bit of aggro.


Football news Jonas Eidevall Emma Hayes

Football news: Jonas Eidevall and Emma Hayes clashed after Arsenal beat Chelsea in the Continental Cup final


“Listen, I think there’s a way to conduct yourself on the touchline, I really do.

"I think it’s absolutely essential that we role model in the right way. I’m not down for male aggression on the touchline, I’m really not, and fronting up to players, for me, that’s unacceptable."

Eidevall, however, has firmly denied being aggressive.

“I don’t see it as a big thing, I definitely don’t see me as aggressive in that situation," he admitted.

“The argument we had was before the game, if both clubs agree to play a multi-ball system then the Conti Cup final will be played with a multi-ball system.

Football news Emma Hayes

Football news: Emma Hayes has refused to apologise for her actions


"Arsenal wanted it to be played with a multi-ball system, Chelsea wanted it to be played with a one-ball system.

"I’m happy with the way I conduct myself and others need to look in the mirror and see if they’re happy with themselves.”

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