King Charles ‘extremely concerned’ about Princess Kate amid cancer diagnosis, royal author says

King Charles ‘extremely concerned’ about Princess Kate amid cancer diagnosis, royal author says

Watch: Princess of Wales praised for ‘bravely’ sharing cancer diagnosis

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 03/04/2024

- 09:40

Updated: 03/04/2024

- 11:20

The Princess of Wales and the King have been diagnosed with cancer

  • Royal author, Robert Hardman, has spoken on the relationship between the King and Princess Kate
  • The King visited Princess Kate while she was in hospital for an abdominal operation
  • Charles has previously referred to the princess as his “beloved daughter-in-law”

King Charles is “extremely concerned” about Princess Kate amid her health troubles, according to a royal author.

The Princess of Wales and King Charles are currently undergoing treatment for undisclosed forms of cancer.

Although the King has always been close with his “beloved” daughter-in-law, a source has said that Charles is willing to do “anything he can do” to support her.

Robert Hardman, author of Charles III: New King, New Court, said: “It's very clear that he [King Charles] is extremely concerned about her [Kate].

Princess Kate and King Charles

King Charles and Princess Kate are receiving cancer treatment


“I think he wants to make sure as much as he can that if there's anything he can do, he will do, because for a very fit and healthy young mother, this is a different order of magnitude to someone having to deal with this in their 70s.

“I'm sure he's been a source of comfort for her in the same way she's probably been a source of comfort for him.

"I think it cannot but have brought them even closer together.”

It was previously reported that the King visited Princess Kate in hospital while she was recovering from an abdominal surgery.

Charles and Kate

King Charles previously referred to Kate as his "beloved daughter-in-law"


Following her operation, the pair remained close and even enjoyed a private lunch together at Windsor Castle.

A source said that the meeting left the King feeling “very emotional” as he “thinks of Catherine as his daughter.”

Hardman told Hello!: “He's always had a huge regard for his daughter-in-law. He thinks she's just wonderful.

“When people are in hospital, they don't really want a fuss. But the fact was: the King was there, she was there, and the Queen was there with him as well. And they did go around to check and reassure the Princess.”

Kate and Charles

King Charles and Princess Kate attend the Christmas Morning Service at Sandringham Church in 2023


Princess Kate announced her cancer diagnosis via a video message in March where she talked of the “huge shock” it was for her and her family.

The Princess of Wales shares three young children George, Charlotte and Louis with her husband, Prince William.

She said it took time to “explain everything” to their children in a “way that is appropriate for them.”

Hardman added: “It’s a reminder that the Windsors are mortals like the rest of us.


Kate Middleton, King Charles and Prince WilliamKate and King Charles are reportedly very closePA

“And we have to have great sympathy with the fact that they are undergoing an absolute shock of a lifetime, except they're having to undergo it with all of us talking about it."

King Charles is also undergoing cancer treatment but is remaining “positive” and “progressing well,” according to sources.

The monarch stepped out for the first time since his cancer diagnosis for the Easter service on Sunday.

A palace source said that the King’s attendance is a “sign of things heading in the right direction.”

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