Princess Kate had 'emotional' lunch with King Charles before recording heartbreaking video

Princess Kate had 'emotional' lunch with King Charles before recording heartbreaking video

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 24/03/2024

- 10:05

The Princess of Wales is undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer

  • Princess Kate and King Charles are both receiving cancer treatment
  • The Princess of Wales released an emotional video revealing her diagnosis on Friday
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Princess Kate had an "emotional" lunch with King Charles before recording her heartbreaking video, sources have claimed.

The King, who also has cancer, travelled from London for a private lunch with his "beloved daughter-in-law" Kate on Thursday.

The Princess of Wales, 42, was keen to speak to Charles and find out how he was coping.

It is thought the pair talked about Kate’s video announcement in which she said the discovery was a “huge shock” but vowed she was “going to be OK”.

Kate Middleton and King Charles

Kate Middleton and King Charles had lunch together before recording video announcement


A source said: “It is highly unusual for just the two of them to sit down together like this.

“The King had already been made aware that the woman he calls ‘my beloved daughter-in-law’ had cancer.

“They would have had lots to discuss and share because just weeks earlier the King had begun his course of treatment and dealt with announcing his diagnosis.

“The King left his lunch feeling very emotional."

Kate Middleton

Kate revealing she had cancer via a video announcement​


The source also told The Sun: “They are very close and he thinks of Catherine as his daughter.

“There is no doubt there is a lot they can share and can use each other for support during their own deeply personal cancer battles.”

King Charles was aware of Kate’s cancer before he arrived for the lunch, according to reports.

Queen Camilla is also a source of support and is in regular contact with Princess Kate.

Kate Middleton and King Charles

Kate and King Charles are reportedly very close


Kate and William have stepped back from work for the time being, in order to be with their children Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five.

GB News's Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker reported from Windsor Castle on Saturday that well-wishers began leaving flowers for Kate.

She was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery on January 16 but at the time, the condition was said to be noncancerous.

The mother-of-three remained in hospital for 13 nights.


Kate Middleton and King Charles

Kate reportedly wanted to know how King Charles was coping


Kensington Palace urged the world not to speculate and said she would be off work until April.

It has now emerged although the operation was “non-cancerous” subsequent tests found cancer was present.

Kate shared she took time to recover from the operation before starting a course of preventative chemotherapy.

The cancer treatment began at the end of February and was the reason William pulled out of the thanksgiving service for Constantine, the former King of Greece.

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