‘They don’t want opposition for Biden!’: O’Donnell blasts Democrats over ‘gravest threat to democracy’

‘They don’t want opposition for Biden!’: O’Donnell blasts Democrats over ‘gravest threat to democracy’

WATCH NOW: Joe Biden's Democrats slammed by US radio host

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/01/2024

- 20:28

Joe Biden's fellow Democrats candidate was recently disqualified from the ballot in Wisconsin

US President Joe Biden and the Democrat party have been slammed, as Donald Trump's bid for a second term grows more and more likely.

Trump is taking a narrow lead in the latest polls, as the Republicans fight it out in the first stop on the campaign trail, Iowa.

The former President currently holds 50 per cent of the voter figures, with Joe Biden closely following behind with 48 per cent.

Trump has previously warned that Biden having a second term would be a "threat to democracy".

Dan O'Donnell

Dan O'Donnell accused the Democrats of 'removing any opposition' for Joe Biden

GB News

Joe Biden has remained strong on his campaign despite concerns about his age and ability to run again, claiming Trump is "obsessed with the past".

He told US voters at the start of the month that Trump is "willing to sacrifice our democracy to put himself in power".

Speaking to GB News, radio host Dan O'Donnell accused the Democrats of "pushing to remove" their primary rival candidate to Biden from the ballots.

O'Donnell also accused the US establishment of "playing with fire" over the US election, taking place this November.

O'Donnell told host Mark Dolan: "They are playing with America's democracy. This is, in fact, the gravest threat to democracy. And the Democrats are doing it right before our eyes.

"The Democrats are actually doing the exact same thing in their primary ballot.

"I'll bet you might not have noticed there is a primary challenger to Joe Biden. His name is Dean Phillips."

O'Donnell revealed: "Democratic activists are pushing to remove him from all state ballots. For no apparent reason other than 'we don't want Joe Biden to face any actual Democratic challengers in this election'".

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden is campaigning to run for a second term in November


O'Donnell also highlighted that Dean Phillips was recently disqualified from the primary ballots in Wisconsin.

O'Donnell fumed: "The Democratic Party is not allowing Phillips to mount this challenge.

"This would fit with their anti-democratic approach of not allowing Joe Biden to have any opponent in the general election too.

"Why would that be?"

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