Tesco makes a huge change to how shoppers buy food at self-checkouts with new 'magic tills'

Tesco self checkout

Shoppers can check out without scanning

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/11/2023

- 10:03

Tesco shoppers will see new technology being used at self-service tills

Customers who only have a few things to buy will often choose self-service tills for a speedy experience.

This could become even quicker as Tesco trials new scan-free technology.

This means shoppers will no longer need to scan their items at the 'magic tills'.

Instead, they can simply walk up to the checkout, press 'Get Started' and a list of the items they have will appear on the screen.

Tesco self checkout

The checkouts will be trialled in one store


Customers can check the items are all correct and pay as normal. This is done thanks to cutting-edge technology.

The trial will take place at the Tesco Fulham Reach Express store.

This is one of four GetGo stores that already offer a checkout-free experience.

In the GetGo stores, shoppers can scan their groceries using the Tesco Grocery App and simply walk out when done.

The new scan-free till comes as an additional option in the Fulham store.

Colleagues will be on hand to offer assistance to anyone who needs it.

Head of store customer experience at Tesco Sarah Quiggin said: “We are constantly searching for the perfect formula to make the shopping trip as seamless and convenient as possible.

"This trial of scan-free checkouts will add another option for customers in Fulham Reach to save time on scanning items and will reduce queuing in store.

Tesco store

Tesco has rolled out a number of changes


“We will be watching closely to see how customers react to this potential new option of having a list of their shopping presented to them automatically.”

This comes as Tesco has updated the shopping experience for those using its online services.

It has added 300 make-up and beauty products that were not previously available online.

This includes popular brands such and often searched for brands Rimmel and Maybelline.

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