Cutting down on one carbohydrate can be 'super important' for younger looking skin

Cutting down on one carbohydrate can be 'super important' for younger looking skin
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 23/01/2024

- 12:47

Updated: 24/01/2024

- 11:37

An expert shared how people can take years off their appearance by cutting sugar from their diet

Sugar is a major staple of many people's diets but it may be ageing them prematurely.

An expert suggested that sugar can cause unncessary inflammation in the skin.

Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn shared how people can shave years off their age, using natural methods as opposed to cosmetic surgery.

He explained that one of the causes of ageing skin is chronic inflammation, which is caused by sugar consumption.

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Middle-aged woman with beautiful skin

A doctor said your diet can impact the appearance of your skin


He explained that sugar can bond to the collagen in the skin, causing it to become "permanently kinked".

The doctor said: "Sugar creates chronic inflammation so reducing sugar is super important."

Sugar is a carbohydrate and, along with fat and protein, provides the body with energy.

People can cut down on their consumption of sugar by refraining from adding it to their tea or coffee.

They can also avoid sugary drinks, chocolate, biscuits and cakes. Many breakfast cereals, sauces and ready meals are also laden with hidden sugar so this is something to watch out for.

The NHS recommends Britons reduce their sugar intake by making manageable swaps to improve their health.

Chocolate can be swapped with low-calorie hot chocolates that still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cakes can be swapped for fruit loaves or scones, just make sure your chosen toppings - such as jam - aren't full of added sugar.

Pouring sugar

'Sugar creates chronic inflammation so reducing sugar is super important'


Oxidation also plays a part in premature ageing. Dr Anthony Youn explained that the body creates free radicals as a waste product, and when there are many of these they can damage the DNA of cells.

Free radicals also come from pollution in the air, smoking cigarettes, automobile exhaust, plus ultra-processed foods.

Deep fried foods in particular are filled with free radicals. Cutting down on ultra-processed foods - or better yet, totally eliminating them - is a "great way to improve the health of your skin", the doctor said on The Model Health Show Podcast.

Examples of ultra-processed foods include sweet or savoury packaged snacks like ice cream, confectionery and crisps, mass-produced packaged breads, pastries, cakes and biscuits, breakfast cereals and energy bars.

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