Cadbury shoppers divided as new Easter flavours found on UK shelves already - 'this needs to stop!'

Cadbury chocolate

Cadbury shoppers have found new flavours

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 30/11/2023

- 14:36

Cadbury fans have found new flavours but shoppers have mixed reactions

Christmas may be just around the corner, but some shoppers are already planning for Easter.

Chocolate fans have spotted a new flavour of Cadbury Mini Eggs and a Creme Egg chocolate bar.

Shoppers posted the new finds on the Facebook group Newfoodsuk.

While many were excited to try the treats, many questioned why they were available so far away from Easter.

Creme Egg chocolate

A shopper found a Creme Egg chocolate bar


A Creme Egg chocolate bar that appears to be new was spotted by shoppers.

A chocolate fan posted pictures of the treat they found in a B&M store.

One said "that looks yummy, will have to get that" while another added "I need like four bars".

A shopper continued "I'm so getting some of this" but others were confused by the Easter treats filling shelves so far in advance.

One questioned: "Did we bypass Christmas?". A shopper echoed this and said: "This merging of seasons has to stop - it's four months away from Easter.

"Can we not just get Christmas over with first I thought Boxing Day was too early - we are a month away from that yet as well."

Cadbury's Easter items, such as Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs, are often only stocked in the months leading up to Easter.

Another shopper found orange flavoured Mini Eggs they found in One Stop and posted the treat on the Facebook group.

Chocolate fans were quick to share their thoughts on the seemingly new addition.

Orange mini eggs

Shoppers found Easter treats on sale now


One posted "they're very yummy" while a second said "my two favourite things combined".

Another added "I bet these will be good", but again, others were shocked about how early they were in stock.

One quipped: "You best get in there early for Easter..." New chocolate products are always popular with shoppers.

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