Stephen Dixon admits 'I'm struggling' as he shares painful health complaint

Stephen Dixon and Isabel Webster

Stephen Dixon reveals his recent health woe on GB News

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 14/08/2023

- 08:52

Updated: 14/08/2023

- 09:47

The GB News host filled in for Eamonn Holmes on Monday's Breakfast alongside Isabel Wesbter

Stephen Dixon and Isabel Webster had plenty to get through on the first Breakfast show of the week on GB News.

From Gary Lineker being accused of "goat cruelty" to the ongoing doctors' strikes, the duo had plenty of headlines to deliver.

However, just moments into the show, Dixon revealed he'd be finding it trickier than usual to read out what was in the pipeline.

"You have to bare with me a little bit this morning," Dixon began as he explained: "Because I had a crown fall out last night."

"Oooo," Webster grimaced in response before Dixon continued: "I can't get it repaired until Thursday so it's really rubbing against my - the tooth isn't sore."

Webster chipped in to ask her co-host: "You didn't get much sleep?"

Breakfast with Stephen and Isabel

Isabel Webster and Stephen Dixon hosted Monday's Breakfast


"I've not had a lot of sleep because it's really rubbing against my gum," Dixon explained.

"You know, when they shave them down they do little sharp edges, don't they?" he added before Webster probed further: "Does your tongue keep giving it a feel? Just can't keep it away."

Dixon revealed his dentist had warned him off doing so: "That was the one handy bit of advice from the dentist last night, 'Don't let your tongue touch it!'"

"Then that's all your tongue wants to do," Webster said as she chuckled at the irony before Dixon agreed: "It's all your tongue wants to do, so yeah, it's really rubbing against my gums.

"By Wednesday, my cheek - I'm gonna look like a gerbil," Dixon remarked as Webster let out a giggle.

"It's gonna be all out by then. Honestly. I'm struggling today."

Showing her sympathy for her co-star's dental health woe, Webster replied: "Well, sending you good vibes and hoping you recover quickly."

However, when the conversation turned to the pair's weekend activities, Webster joked she may have found the root cause of Dixon's complaint.

"And you had an eventful weekend what with skydiving and all the rest of it," Webster said as Dixon explained: "I went to one of those indoor skydiving things, I haven't actually jumped out of a plane, but you know, it was really good fun!"

Webster replied: "I've got one booked in for September, it was a Christmas present from the in-laws for the whole family, and I've been putting it off!

Stephen Dixon

Stephen Dixon admitted his pain left him "struggling"


"So I've been grilling Stephen this morning on how does it work. How do you dismount? How do you get out of the wind tunnel? Do you just collapse to the floor when they turn the wind off?"

"No, no, because they don't turn the wind off, they keep the wind on," Dixon answered. "There's a big group of you and you all take your turn."

Suggesting his weekend activities may have led to his dental mishap, Webster asked: "Is this in any way connected to your crown coming out?"

Dixon's eyes widened as he quipped: "Do you know, I'd not thought of that! It could've been blown out! I don't know."

"There's a case in there for you," Webster added with a giggle before the two moved on to deliver the latest headlines.

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