Farage’s girlfriend blasts Fred’s Brexit rants at Nigel as she feels sorry for ‘snowflake’ Nella

Farage’s girlfriend blasts Fred’s Brexit rants at Nigel as she feels sorry for ‘snowflake’ Nella

Nigel Farage's girlfriend hits out at Fred Sirieix

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 01/12/2023

- 19:01

Updated: 01/12/2023

- 19:08

Nigel is vying for the King of the Jungle crown

Nigel Farage’s girlfriend was left “annoyed” at Fred Sirieix’s attack on the GB News presenter, suggesting he was “rude” to criticise Brexit.

She also spoke out on their fellow I’m a Celeb campmate Nella Rose, saying she is the epitome of a “snowflake generation” in an exclusive GB News interview.

Laure opened up to Patrick Christys in an interview to be broadcast on GB News this evening 9pm (FRIDAY).

It comes as Nigel continues in his quest to be crowned King of the Jungle, a feat that, should he achieve it, has come with its challenges.

Those challenges have not been limited to the punishing bushtucker trials, with campmates taking the opportunity to take Nigel to task over issues such as Brexit.

Fred Sirieix and Laure Ferrari

Nigel Farage's girlfriend was 'annoyed' at Fred Sirieix's criticism


First Dates star Fred Sirieix was the first to do so, accusing Farage of contributing to the British economy’s “ruin”, a statement Laure Ferrari was left “annoyed” by.

Laure sat down with GB News’ Patrick Christys in Nigel’s local pub the Blacksmith Arms in Cudham, Greater London earlier this week.

“Isn’t it a but rude to come from a different country and lecture the British electorate?”, she asked.


Nigel Farage in the I'm a Celeb camp

Nigel Farage is vying for King of the Jungle


“I just think it’s out of place. To be fair to Fred, he made peace with Nigel and then they shared a couple of jokes and that was it.

“Nigel is used to these discussions and he didn’t back down, did he? It’s easy peasy.

“He’s been dealing with enemies and attacks and jokes for decades, we’re talking about serious stuff like death threats or threats to family members and things like that.

“Having an argument with Fred or Nella isn’t going to faze him at all.”

Ferrari also spoke to Patrick Christys about Nigel’s campmate Nella, who criticised the former Brexit Party leader’s stance on immigration.

She told GB News that her boyfriend dealt with the animosity “very well”, adding she “feels sorry” for his campmate.

“I think she epitomises that snowflake generation where they are told that they should be offended by every little thing”, she said.

“It’s not a good place to be when you’re offended and upset all the time.

“It’s not really nice and I think he’s been very gentle with her. Again, that’s the sort of man he is.”

She went on to suggest that ITV may have been left disappointed with his response, as execs will have an anticipated a more “punchy” approach to criticism in the camp.

“He has lots of patience”, she said.

“He understands people and he actually understands this generation very well and that’s one of the reason she is in there.”

You can watch the full interview on Patrick Christys Tonight, exclusively on GB News from 9pm tonight.

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