'Virtue signalling GALORE!' Eurovision viewers fume 'go woke go broke' as 2024 final divides fans after chaotic build-up

'Virtue signalling GALORE!' Eurovision viewers fume 'go woke go broke' as 2024 final divides fans after chaotic build-up

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/05/2024

- 22:32

Updated: 13/05/2024

- 08:57

Several Eurovision fans were left switching off this year's grand finale

Eurovision has been met with floods of disgruntled reactions from BBC viewers and others across the continent following Saturday's finale.

The musical spectacle took place in Malmo, Sweden this year but had faced a tumultuous time shrouded in controversy even before Saturday's event.

Thousands of protestors had descended on the city to protest against Israel's inclusion in the annual singing competition given the nation's ongoing war with Hamas.

The conflict in Gaza has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians and several of this year's performers have openly criticised the decision to allow Eden Golan to perform.

As a result, a handful of performers decided to make, albeit brief, political stands during the finale, including Ireland's Bambie Thug and Portugal's Iolanda who both included short comments at the end of their performances.

Bambie Thug yelled her statement to the Eurovision crowd while donning a revealing ensemble made up of baby blue, pink and white colours to resemble the trans flag.

Eurovision 2024: Nemo, Olly Alexander and Bambie Thing

Eurovision 2024: Nemo, Olly Alexander and Bambie Thing all performed on Saturday night


The non-binary Irish entry - who'd infuriated fellow Irish singer Westlife's Brian McFadden with her political stance - had already irked the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) after trying to perform with pro-Palestine writing on their body.

Switzerland, who were one of the frontrunners for the competition, also had a singer who used they/them pronouns.

Criticism was also lodged at the show for the over-sexualised nature of the performances, with the UK's own Olly Alexander failing to escape controversy.

The 33-year-old had already come under for the sexual nature of his routine in which four topless male dancers spent the three minutes of the song performing rather suggestive dance moves.

There was also criticism of the show's new voting procedure which meant viewers could vote before even seeing this year's final acts, prompting claims the contest had nothing to do with talent or performance and solely politics and popularity.

All in all, the finale failed to strike the right chord with plenty watching at home who soon took to social media to share their thoughts.

"Might as well call it Woke-o-vision b/c this is no longer about talent, quality of music or performance #eurovision #eurovisiongr," one fan fumed on X.

A second didn't hold back either as they fumed: "Christ, I remember when this used to be good. Absolute f*****g woke s***e. #eurovision #Eurovision2024."

Another hit out at the UK's entry specifically: "@bbceurovision Go woke or go broke. What idiots choose our submissions? This is embarrassing. I can already predict a bottom 5 finish... Bring the space man back for next year!!!!"

"Turned on the Eurovision... Turned it off #EUROVISION," added a fourth before a fifth raged: "When did just writing and singing a song become old hat? Eurovision has turned into a camp parody of itself, the more risqué and outrageous is the only thing that gets you noticed. #eurovision bring back Nicole and Bucks Fizz."

Malin \u00c5kerman and Petra Mede

Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede presented the final from Malmo


"Virtue signalling galore during the #EUROVISION," a sixth weighed in before another blasted Bambie Thug's act specifically: "I switched my TV off, I don't want to see that demonic and satanic disgusting s***. Shame on you again Ireland #Eurovision #Eurovision2024 #EurovisionGR."

Despite the furore, some praised the more controversial performances, including one person who penned: "So happy for Ireland - making a final for the first time in years and giving us one of the standout performances of this year's contest. That was AMAZING! #BBCEurovision #Eurovision #Eurovision2024."

And another weighed in: "This is such a strong final and Italy always finds a quality song to stand out. Very good! #Eurovision."

While a third complimented: "#esc2024 Despite the insanity surrounding it, the Eurovision Grand Final Performances were all AMAZING today! All of the artists should be super proud of themselves. I voted for Croatia and Ireland but they were all SO GOOD!! Can't wait to see Loreen perform! #eurovision." (sic)

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