WATCH: Huge protests swarm Malmo ahead of Eurovision final

WATCH: Huge protests swarm Malmo ahead of Eurovision final
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/05/2024

- 16:16

GB News reporter Charlie Peters has shared his experience at the latest protests in Sweden, ahead of the grand final.

Charlie said of the demonstration: "It's turned a bit here in Malmö in southern Sweden, as a pro-Palestinian protest makes its way from the town centre towards the arena where Eurovision will be hosted tonight.

"Behind me you can see some smoke flares that have been set off by the protesters here as a banner that says glitter doesn't hide Genocide makes its way. It's organised by queers for Palestine, a protest group.

"Here they have argued that Israel is organising a genocide in its war in Gaza. This has been a claim made by several people calling on Israel to be banned from the Eurovision Song Contest.

"Eden Golan, the actor who will be performing tonight for Israel, went through on that semi-final two nights ago with a significant chunk of the votes. She has reportedly been stuck between her hotel room and the arena due to security fears, with protesters also gathering not just here in the city centre but also outside where she's staying."


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