BBC The Apprentice fans plead format ‘desperately needs change’ after ‘switching off’ just two episodes in

BBC The Apprentice fans plead format ‘desperately needs change’ after ‘switching off’ just two episodes in

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 09/02/2024

- 10:38

Updated: 09/02/2024

- 11:05

The Apprentice boss Lord Alan Sugar fired pie company director Paul Bowen after failing to impress in the second task

The Apprentice viewers were left infuriated last night after they noticed an odd blunder and demanded that the format of the show be changed.

This week, the candidates were challenged with manufacturing miniature cheesecakes to sell to corporate clients as well as the British public.

After a tense challenge and many arguments, it was the girls’ team who came out on top and won the challenge for a second week in a row, spending less money on ingredients and making a higher profit.

The Apprentice first began in 2005 and is currently on its 18th series, with many of the winners going on to grow their brand and become successful business owners.

However, on Thursday night many of its viewers became annoyed with the format of the show after they claimed the candidates were giving business entrepreneurs a bad name.

One X user noted: “18 seasons in and #TheApprentice desperately needs change! The format’s losing relevance in this fast-evolving world and quite honestly, it’s giving entrepreneurs a bad name! #FairEnoughMate.”

Paul Bowen

Paul Bowen was the second contestant to be fired by Lord Sugar


“#TheApprentice I don’t understand why like on last week’s task they negotiate and pay for catering and then have to make it themselves? Why?” a second asked.

A third viewer went on to admit: “This year’s apprentice is very boring. Watched the first 2 episodes and won’t be watching anymore.

“Used to be a highlight but Mrs didn’t finish the last one and I doubt I will watch anymore. Needs changing or ditching for me. #TheApprentice.”

Many agreed with the statements after noticing an awkward blunder which only giving the candidates 20 minutes to get ready for an important day of deals.

Paul Bowen

Paul Bowen failed to secure a good deal in the second task


A confused watcher penned: “Why does #TheApprentice on @BBCOne with @Lord_Sugar keep pretending these immaculate young people have 20 minutes to get ready, before the cars arrive?!

“The phone rang in darkness at 4am. They got into the cars in full daylight... 20 mins later! No Tardis or Delorean!”

“In #TheApprentice last night the phone rang at 4am and they were told the cars would be there in 20 minutes. But when they got in the cars it looked like at least a summer 7am,” a fifth slammed before a sixth viewer echoed: “Do they really have 20mins from bed to cab?? I could never!! #TheApprentice.” (sic)

During the firing, Lord Alan Sugar went back and forth between Paul Bowen and Dr Asif, questioning their involvement in the task.

The Apprentice

Viewers called for the show to changes its format


Following a lengthy discussion, Sugar decided it was the end of the road for Bowen and fired him for making to many mistakes.

He said: “Paul, I admire you for admitting your mistakes but there were simply too many mistakes and so it is with regret Paul, you’re fired."

Taking the news well, Bowen said in his taxi home: "The biggest regret is obviously banging on about chocolate but, hey, it’s time to go back and make some pies."

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