Prince Harry 'not as intelligent as Meghan Markle': Duke 'subjected to her manipulation'

Prince Harry 'not as intelligent as Meghan Markle': Duke 'subjected to her manipulation'

WATCH NOW: Candace Owens claims Prince Harry is 'manipulated' by Meghan Markle

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/02/2024

- 14:47

Prince Harry recently returned to the UK following King Charles's cancer diagnosis

Prince Harry has been criticised for not being "as intelligent" as wife Meghan Markle, as the couple continue to build their lives in California, a commentator has claimed.

Daily Wire host Candace Owens has hit out at the Duke of Sussex for being "manipulated" by the Duchess, since the start of their relationship in 2016.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit their roles within the Royal Family in January 2020 and moved to Montecito, California to start their new lives.

The royal couple have kept busy by securing a number of deals with entertainment moguls Netflix and Spotify, as well as penning their own books.

Prince Harry and Candace Owens

Candace Owens says Prince Harry is 'not as intelligent' as Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry has returned to the UK this week for a brief visit with his estranged father, King Charles, following the announcement of his cancer diagnosis.

The Prince spent a "maximum of 45 minutes" with the King, before flying back to LA where he then travelled to Los Angeles for the NFL Awards.

Discussing the Prince's swift visit amid both King Charles and Princess Kate's health concerns, commentator Candace Owens claimed Americans are "not pleased" with the Duke returning to the US.

Owens claimed that Harry "followed Meghan's American dream" and is "subject to her manipulation".

Owens told GBN America host Nigel Farage: "I knew they would end up in LA because that was Meghan's dream. Her dream was to be an A-lister and she was unable to make it on the basis of her own merit as an actress.

"So she figured out how to manoeuvre that by marrying a Prince, who the only way to say it, is he's just not as intelligent as her. He's not reading the situation as clearly as other people are reading it. And he has been subjected to her manipulation."

Owens also claimed that Meghan Markle sought to "deconstruct" the Royal Family on the basis of "something noble", which was her allegations of "racism".

She added: "She wanted fame and she wanted wealth. And I don't want to say that Prince Harry was an unwitting participant. He obviously is not as smart as her, but also he liked the fame and he liked the attention in a certain way as well."

Candace Owens

Candace Owens says Meghan Markle is living her 'American dream'

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Nigel Farage reacted to the comments made by Owens, and said it will be "very hard" for the Royal Family to forgive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for what they have done.

Nigel explained: "It's very difficult for the Queen to forgive him. It's very difficult for William and Kate to forgive him, given the awful things he wrote about them in that book Spare.

"I guess if he was to apologise, then forgiveness might follow. And certainly in this country, there was a kind of hope for reconciliation.

"But, you know, your thesis is that basically she's using him. She's using the fact that he's a British Prince and it's all about her."

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