Princess Kate victim of alleged security breach after staff attempted to view medical records

Kate Middleton

Kate has been the victim of an alleged security breach

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 19/03/2024

- 21:22

Updated: 19/03/2024

- 22:11

The Princess of Wales was hospitalised for 13 days in January

  • Princess Kate underwent planned abdominal surgery two months ago
  • The Princess of Wales has not performed any royal duties in 2024
  • Kate, 42, is expected to return to royal duties after Easter

Princess Kate has been the victim of an alleged security breach after staff attempted to view her medical records.

The London Clinic, where the Princess of Wales was treated for abdominal surgery in January, has launched an investigation over these claims.

Claims have been made that Kate’s confidentiality was breached while she was a patient at the hospital for 13 days in January.

At least one member of staff was caught trying to access the 42-year-old’s records, according to claims in The Mirror.

The London Clinic

King Charles and Kate were both treated at The London Clinic earlier this year


The allegations are thought to have shocked The London Clinic, which has a reputation for discreetly treating the Royal Family.

King Charles was also treated at the same hospital in January for an enlarged prostate.

A Kensington Palace spokesperson told GB News: “This is a matter for The London Clinic."

One insider told The Mirror: “This is a major security breach and incredibly damaging for the hospital, given its unblemished reputation for treating members of the Royal Family.

Kate MiddletonKate had 'planned abdominal surgery' in JanuaryGetty

"Senior hospital bosses contacted Kensington Palace immediately after the incident was brought to their attention and assured the palace there would be a full investigation.

"The whole medical staff have been left utterly shocked and distraught over the allegations and were very hurt that a trusted colleague could have allegedly been responsible for such a breach of trust and ethics.”

It is a criminal offence for staff in a healthcare setting to access a patient's private medical records without the consent of the organisation’s data controller.

The Metropolitan Police has not confirmed whether it had been informed of the allegations, according to The Mirror.

Kate MiddletonKate is not due to return to duties until after EasterGetty

The London Clinic said: “We firmly believe that all our patients, no matter their status, deserve total privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical information.”

The hospital informed the Palace of the alleged breach as soon as it was discovered, sources have claimed.

Princess Kate is understood to have been made aware of the alleged security breach.

Prince Philip was another member of the Royal Family who was previously treated at The London Clinic.


Kate MiddletonPrincess Kate is currently recuperating at Adelaide CottageGetty

Kate, 42, was hospitalised for 13 days in January after undergoing a "successful" operation.

Kensington Palace has not issued any other details about the surgery, other than that Kate is "doing well" in her recovery.

The Princess of Wales is not expected to return to royal duties until at least after Easter.

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