Sadiq Khan blasted for 'rank hypocrisy' after failure to return controversial £5k donation

Sadiq Khan blasted for 'rank hypocrisy' after failure to return controversial £5k donation

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Keith Bays

By Keith Bays

Published: 17/03/2024

- 16:00

Updated: 17/03/2024

- 16:02

Sadiq Khan has demanded that the Conservative Party hand back donations from Frank Hester

Sadiq Khan has been accused of "rank hypocrisy" after he called for the Conservative Party to return £10million in donations from businessman Frank Hester.

The mayor’s demands come after Conservative Party donor was criticised for allegedly making racist and misogynistic comments about former Labour MP Dianne Abbott at a 2019 business meeting.

Khan has subsequently demanded that the Conservative Party hand back donations from Hester, however the Mayor has not handed back a controversial £5,000 donation of his own that he himself received while serving as Labour MP for Tooting.

It was widely reported in 2017 that the Tayyab restaurant whom Khan received a £5,000 donation from was fined by the Home Office for employing illegal workers.

The Mayor did not respond to GB News' request for comment on whether he would return the donation from the Tayyab family.

Responding to the Mayor’s comments, Conservative grandee, Sir Michael Fabricant MP said: “This is rank hypocrisy of the very worst kind.

“Do as I say, but don't expect me to adhere to those standards. GB News is right to call him out on this."

\u200bSadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has faced backlash for not returning his own controversial donation


Fellow Conservative MP and former Immigration Minister, Kevin Foster MP added: Given the way he runs London, it’s no surprise Mayor Khan is showing himself as a do as I say, not as I do politician”.

Asked about Hester’s alleged remarks and donations to the Conservative Party earlier this week, Khan had said: “It beggars’ belief. Here we have another example of a senior Conservative, a Conservative donor, making comments that are clearly racist and misogynistic.

“What Rishi Sunak needs to do is grow a backbone.”

He added: “Mr Hester should apologise to Diane Abbott. And what the Government should do is return the money he has donated to them. The comments that Hester made about Diane Abbott were clearly misogynistic and racist.

“Some Conservatives have said they are inappropriate, but why? Because they are racist and misogynistic.”

GB News have previously reported that Khan received a donation of £5,000 from the Tayyab family, who it later turned out employed Illegal workers, some of whom were deported back to Pakistan.

Khan was contacted for comment on three occasions asking if he would return this donation, the London Mayor did not comment on each occasion.

The London Mayor has been criticised for being hypocritical from several rival politicians.

London Assembly member Emma Best said: “London already knows the mayor is a hypocrite, but he doesn’t mind proving it over and over.

“Now is a time for serious reflection from all major parties around donations and the mayor should do the same.”

The London Mayoral election is scheduled for May 2 and the Mayor’s rivals have been quick to weigh in on what they have claimed is hypocrisy from Khan.

Reform UK mayoral candidate, Howard Cox said: “We all know Khan is the king of opportunism and dishonest politics. But for him to call for the Tories to payback £10million to a party donor that said disgusting racist words is the peak of his embedded hypocrisy.

“In response, I call on him to payback the £5,000 to his donor who was found guilty of employing illegal immigrants. The magnitude difference of the donation maybe massive but the principle in question is identical. Khan’s principles stink.”

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