If you want to have a fight with me over antisemitism Keir Starmer - any day of the week, says Nigel Farage

If you want to have a fight with me over antisemitism Keir Starmer - any day of the week, says Nigel Farage

WATCH: Nigel Farage hits back at Keir Starmer's comments during PMQs

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Nigel Farage

By Nigel Farage

Published: 28/02/2024

- 22:13

I just landed on the overnight flight from Miami and PMQs started at midday, and I assumed that what Keir Starmer would do is go on the Lee Anderson story.

Why? Because that splits the party opposite. Some members of Parliament for the Conservatives think he went way too far, others think his suspension is ridiculous and electorally bad news.

But no, he didn't do that. He wanted, for some reason, to talk about me.

Oh dear, I think somebody might be slightly worried. Here's the point. Back in 2015, actually, Labour benefited hugely from UKIP taking Tory votes. But from thereafter, actually, we were really, really hurting Labour. Hurting them in a really, really big way.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage hits back at Keir Starmer's comments during PMQs

GB News

And of course, Brexit, four million Labour voters voted Brexit. Yes, the very same Brexit that you Mr. Starmer wanted to overturn and force us into a second referendum.

And here's the point, when he says I agree with the basic premise of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech.

Well, the basic premise was that uncontrolled mass immigration would lead to divided societies in our cities that became unrecognisable and that that could lead to conflict.

Well, have a look at what happened with the intimidation of members of Parliament last week. And have a look at the fact, Sir Keir, that there are many parts of our major cities in England that are now, frankly unrecognisable. And millions of your voters know that.

And to say that I bemoan the influence of the Jewish lobby. No, quite the reverse. I said the Jewish community in North America had been massively successful in law, in business.

And yes, they did campaign for what they wanted. They did it within the law, they did it quite successfully. But I was never a subscriber to the madcap conspiracy theory that the Jews run the world.

But I tell you who was - yes, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader that you supported. Yes, Jeremy Corbyn.

And you went to a conference Sir Keir where there was a Palestinian flag on the chair of every Labour MP and you and your own party, some sitting in the House of Commons, some prospective parliamentary candidates who basically don't want Israel to exist.

I tell you what, if you want to have a fight with me over antisemitism, any day of the week.

Now moving on to the really big story of the day, £31million has been approved to up the security of Members of Parliament. Is this the right thing to do? Well, regular viewers to this show will know I've been predicting for a very, very long time that MPs would soon start to understand what my life was like for over a decade if I'd not had chauffeur driven cars, if I'd not had close personal protection. I very much doubt I'd be sitting here talking to you now, that's how vile and vicious and frankly dangerous it was when I was leading UKIP.

Now some of these chickens are coming home to roost for members of Parliament, but a lot of GB News viewers are saying, hang on, we shouldn't spend any more money on these people. Because after all, it's they themselves, through supporting irresponsible immigration policies that have led to the danger on our streets.

Got to tell you folks, for once, I'm not with the majority of GB News viewers. I think unless we do more to protect our members of Parliament, there are going to be more disasters ahead.

And unless we know that becoming an MP, you know, is a relatively yes, of course you accept brick bats, but as a relatively safe thing to do, we will put off the kind of good, brave people that we need to stand for Parliament to get into Parliament to turn this mess around.

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