Sex and gender conference disrupted after protesters 'threw smoke bombs' as police rush to the scene

Sex and gender conference disrupted after protesters 'threw smoke bombs' as police rush to the scene

Protesters blocked the entrance at the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender conference

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Dimitris Kouimtsidis

By Dimitris Kouimtsidis

Published: 23/03/2024

- 12:22

Updated: 23/03/2024

- 13:29

No injuries or damage was reported according to the Metropolitan Police

A sex and gender conference in central London has been disrupted after protesters reportedly three smoke bombs as police rushed to the scene.

The First Do No Harm, Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender conference has been taking place today in Euston.

According to CAN-SG's X profile, they are "a group of UK and Ireland based clinicians calling for greater understanding of the effects of sex and gender in healthcare."

The network's website states that First Do No Harm: "Brings together clinicians, researchers, parents, and therapists to discuss current controversies in the care of children and young people with gender-related distress, safeguarding as it relates to sex and gender, sex-based language in healthcare, and addressing the impacts of gender medicine on same-sex attracted youth.

Protests outside CAN-SG conference

No injuries or damage was reported


"The current discourse on sex and gender in healthcare is fraught with conflict and political disagreement, and the stakes are high.

"We bring you a program of speakers with a wealth of knowledge and experience who will bring more light and less heat to these challenging debates."

Videos posted on social media show protesters clashing with police outside and trying to break into the venue, while blocking the entrance.

One person wrote on X: "Protesters at the First Do No Harm conference, CAN-SG. Police failed to act, as per bloody usual, but have just now made three arrests."


Protests at CAN-SG

Police attended the scene


A second tweeted: "#FirstDoNoHarm @CanSG_org amazing to see the police fight to allow this conference to occur. The police fought and removed those who were blocking all the entrances. Smoke grenades deployed. Those blocked from entering were just allowed in."

The social media user added: "Outside view before police were able to clear the entrance. #FirstDoNoHarm @CanSG_org. When the presentation of academic data requires police protection science is in trouble."

A third posted: "Protesters threw smoke bombs and blocked the entrance to the CAN-SG conference. Police were fantastic. No one hurt."

A statement from the Metropolitan Police read: "At 9.45 a group attempted to gain access to an event in Euston Square - they were prevented from doing so by police.

CAN-SG First Do No Harm conference programme

The first page of the CAN-SG First Do No Harm conference programme


"The event has proceeded without disruption. A smoke flare was set off in the crowd in Euston Square. No reported injuries or damage."

Fellow social media users took to the comments section to slam the protesters, with one writing: "All these silly men trying to stop evidence based practice from evolving. What are they so afraid of that they constantly & aggressively try to censor?"

A second commented: "What madness. Hideous to watch must be very worrying to witness. Hope everyone inside is safe."

While a third added: "What the hell would they had done if they had got inside!"

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