Asylum seeker 'trapped' in Britain wants to leave as 'there's nothing for us here' but police won't let him

Asylum seeker 'trapped' in Britain wants to leave as 'there's nothing for us here' but police won't let him

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Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 08/02/2024

- 07:53

Updated: 08/02/2024

- 08:17

The Syrian refugee is living underneath a rowboat on a beach in Kent

An illegal Channel migrant living illegally under a rowing boat on a beach in Kent wants to leave the UK as “there’s nothing here for us”.

The 25-year-old from Syria has been trying to leave Britain, where he claims he feels “trapped”, since last summer.

Alaa Eldin was kicked out of a migrant hotel in Leeds and has since been trying to head to France by trying to sneak onto a cross-Channel lorry.

However, each time he has attempted to escape, the police have spotted him and brought him back to his rowboat on a Kent beachfront.


A Syrian refugee who lives underneath a rowboat wants to leave the UK, saying there is 'nothing for him here'


He first arrived in the UK in August 2021 on a people traffickers’ dinghy from France.

Prior to arriving in the UK, he lived in Germany with family members. However, he soon left after he had a row with his relatives.

The 25-year-old decided to flee his home country when he was a teenager, as he was afraid of being conscripted into the army due to the Syrian Civil War.

Arriving in the UK, the asylum seeker gained a job in the construction industry. He lived in the Britannia Hotel in Leeds until he broke Home Office rules by leaving the premises to try and earn some money on the black market.


Eldin headed for Dover after he was told by officials that his asylum claim was rejected.

Now living under a rowboat, he told The Daily Mail: “I had money in Euros which I earned on building work when I came to England but it has all been stolen along the way as I carried cash. I have nothing left now.”

“A lot of people who came over the Channel want to leave now – there is nothing for us here.”

He said that he would like to use a people traffickers’ “agent” to get him back across the Channel but he can not afford it, as it can be as pricey as almost £2,000.

James Cleverly

James Cleverly has requested £2.6million in emergency cash to fund asylum seeker accomodation


Earlier this week, the Home Office requested approval for £2.6billion after spending more than expected on asylum accommodation.

The Government spent around £8million per day last year to put migrants up in hotels, with official figures last summer showing more than 50,000 were housed in hotel rooms.

A request was put forward by James Cleverly for a "contingencies fund advance" via a written statement, which will enable the department "to deliver services with unpredictable final costs, such as the asylum system".

The Labour Party has slammed the Government over its "staggering incompetence and chaos", with shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper adding that due to the overspending, "the taxpayer is paying the price".

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