Britons warned of major law changes coming soon with overhaul of electric scooter rules

An e-scooter rider

The new regulations will be introduced on December 5

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 05/10/2023

- 13:32

Updated: 05/10/2023

- 13:32

Electric scooter law changes to crack down on antisocial behaviour

New changes are set to be introduced in the coming months which will have a huge impact on electric scooter riders around the UK.

From December 5, 2023, all new and existing members of electric scooter trials must provide their name and driving licence number.

In addition to this, they must submit a photograph of the front of their driving licence under new minimum standards of verification.

E-scooter operators must ensure they have robust systems in place for capturing and storing the information.

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The Government states that operators could share the information with the police if requested.

This can be done using a third-party operator, as long as the licence details can be retrieved by said operator.

Experts and politicians have long called for new laws to apply for electric scooters and e-scooter riders to ensure all road users are kept safe.

There have been some reports that new laws or regulations could be included in the King’s Speech, which is set to take place on November 7.

The Queen’s Speech in 2022 referenced the Transport Bill, with former Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirming that measures concerning e-scooters would be included.

Original plans included allowing the Government to regulate e-scooters and stipulate that all vehicles must adhere to certain standards.

These could include the maximum speed, power, lights and registrations, among other factors.

Shapps said this was being done to crack down on the private market and make it illegal to sell e-scooters that don’t meet “regulatory standards”.

Further changes will be made within months including ensuring that the validity of driving licences would be submitted by the December deadline.

The Government outlines how operators must make sure they have in-app messaging which states the rules clearly.

This includes the relevant age limit for the trial and the rule that riders must hold a valid driving licence.

Currently, most e-scooter trials will alert the riders about the current rules, including not being able to ride on the pavement.

It will also show users the map in which they can ride using geofencing technology, with most e-scooters losing power if they go out of the acceptable trial zone.

Previous trial requirements were introduced on April 1, 2022, including lowering speed limits for new riders, parking incentives, penalties and encouraging helmet use.



E-scooter trials are taking place in numerous cities around the country


It also aimed to crack down on the illegal use of e-scooters and antisocial behaviour by introducing further requirements to improve user identification.

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