Taking a supplement every day can help the body burn fat and speed up weight loss

Taking a supplement every day can help the body burn fat and speed up weight loss

Protein is great for weight loss

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 14/04/2024

- 13:34

Some mushrooms can be taken as supplements that are thought to have weight loss benefits

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when trying to lose body fat or to maintain a healthy weight.

Some supplements can also help to speed up results and an expert spoke exclusively to GB News about the benefits of mushrooms.

Most people know the benefits of eating mushrooms for overall health, such as as a source of vitamin D, but some types could be particularly beneficial for weight loss.

Scientific advisor and founder of ADACT Medical Damien Bové is an authority in a range of health-related fields, including mushrooms.

Woman measuring waist / woman taking supplement

Reishi mushrooms can be used a supplement for weight loss


He explained these can speed up the metabolism, which encourages the body to burn more fat. Specifically, Reishi mushrooms have many benefits and these can be bought in capsules or as a powder.

Damien said: “Some types of mushrooms, in particular Reishi mushrooms, have been shown in laboratory research to promote weight loss and improve glucose metabolism.

"Several mechanisms may be responsible for these effects. Firstly, Reishi mushrooms may impact the gut microbiota."

The expert referenced one study that showed Reishi mushrooms reverse some of the negative impacts on the gut that are brought on by a high-fat diet. They also help with obesity-related metabolic disorders.

Damien continued: "Secondly, bioactive substances extracted from Reishi mushrooms have been shown to improve glucose metabolism and reduce insulin resistance - both of which often accompany obesity.

"[It can also] reduce fat accumulation in the liver and in other fat tissues in the body whilst reducing the size of fat cells."

He added Reishi mushroom supplements can also increase fat-burning in the body and prevent body fat accumulation.

How much should you take?

The expert explained how much of the supplement Britons should consume to reap the benefits.

He continued: “The consumption format of mushrooms such as Reishi mushrooms, can vary depending on which type is used. Commonly, a dried extract of the mushroom is used.


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The supplement should be used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regime


"In these cases, the dose is approximately 10 times less than when the mushroom itself is consumed. Reishi mushrooms have commonly been consumed by adults in doses of up to 1,400-5,400mg by mouth daily, usually in a supplement format and taken as directed on the pack.

"Reishi mushroom extracts have also been used in lower doses."

He added anyone with a medical condition, who is taking medicine or is unsure should consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

While they can help with weight loss, the supplement should be combined with a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain results.

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