Driving licence changes 'should be a consideration' amid calls for a ban on young people travelling at night

Driving licence changes 'should be a consideration' amid calls for a ban on young people travelling at night

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 16/04/2024

- 07:00

'Road safety is our number one priority'

New driving licence proposals have been supported by experts, who say the measures could make roads safer for all motorists.

There have been calls for measures to address safety issues with new licence rules that would clamp down on the freedoms of younger drivers.

A graduated driving licence is designed to ease learner motorists into getting behind the wheel without increasing the risk of them being involved in an accident.

This could be in the form of drivers having to abide by strict curfews that would prevent them from travelling at night or banning them from carrying passengers for a certain period after they pass their test.

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Driving licence

Experts have cited the use of GDLs in other countries as evidence that they can have benefits


The scheme has split opinions with many suggesting that it would harm young people because they need to drive for employment and education.

Seb Goldin, CEO of RED Driver Training, explained that the proposals being put forward would divide opinions, despite having a range of benefits and drawbacks.

Speaking to GB News, he said: "Road safety is our number one priority when teaching students to drive.

"We understand many of our students take lessons to gain the freedom of travelling whenever and wherever they want, and graduated driving licencing does restrict this."

Despite this, several countries have used the scheme to improve road safety and ensure all drivers on the road, no matter how young or old, are confident behind the wheel.

The system is used in Canada, with around 700,000 people living in the province of Alberta having a GDL, with new rules being introduced to ensure they can continue on the road safely.

This mandates that they must have a fully licenced person next to them, cannot drive between midnight and 5am and are not allowed any drugs or alcohol in their system.

Golding continued, saying: "However, with so many tragic stories hitting the headlines of late, particularly of young people losing their lives on the roads, we need to rethink the country's approach to road safety.

"Data shows that in nations where graduated licencing is in effect, it is being received well and therefore this should be a consideration for new drivers of all ages."

A petition has been launched in the UK with a grieving mother, Crystal Owen, calling for measures to help protect young people when behind the wheel.

She said measures should be introduced to ensure learners have a minimum learning period of 40 hours, restrictions on nighttime driving and a ban on carrying passengers 25 and under for the first year.

The petition has surpassed 21,000 signatures, prompting a response from the Government, which rejected calls for new licence changes, saying it had no plans to carry these features forward.


Learner driver

Proposals would see restrictions placed on learner drivers


A spokesperson for the Department for Transport stated: "Whilst there are no published plans to introduce tougher restrictions on new drivers, the Department keeps driving licensing requirements under review.

"Every death or serious injury on our roads is a tragedy and we continue to work tirelessly to improve road safety for all users.

"For new and novice drivers the Department’s broad aim is to improve road safety through new technology and research; and particularly for young drivers, developing better learning opportunities and targeted educational messaging, while reinforcing vital behaviour change road safety messages through our THINK! Campaigns."

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