Drivers warned of new plans to reduce waiting times at pedestrian crossings to crack down on cars

Drivers warned of new plans to reduce waiting times at pedestrian crossings to crack down on cars

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Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 15/04/2024

- 11:55

A new petition is calling for pedestrians to be prioritised

Drivers have been warned of new measures which could force them to stop more regularly at crossings without delay as the public calls for shorter wait times.

A petition has been launched which looks to allow people to travel more efficiently by reducing the waiting time between pressing the stop button at a pedestrian crossing and turning green to an almost instant degree.

The quickened time would mean that once pressed, pedestrians would be able to cross immediately instead of waiting a while for the green light to show.

The petition has already gained popularity amassing over 1,000 signatures, with it gaining more signatures and support every day.

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pedestrians crossing road

The petition is calling for shorter waiting times at pedestrian crossings

The petition was launched by James Anderson Mochrie who wanted to introduce legislation to scrap any time delay following the press of the button at pedestrian and cyclist crossings.

This would affect Pelican, Puffin and Toucan crossings as well as any traffic lights which allow the public to cross.

He said: “Being a pedestrian is a primary mode of transport for almost everyone. We believe there is still too much priority given to motorised traffic in urban spaces over people.

“This can make travelling as a non-motorised user more inconvenient and give rise to a perception of inferiority from those on the footway.”

While the move looks to prioritise non-motorists, drivers have argued that pedestrians, particularly children and teenagers, push the buttons without the intention to cross which can cause delays and traffic.

Taking to social media, one user remarked: “I see kids daily press the button on the Wrexham road pelican crossing and then give up waiting and just run across between traffic.

“I think it would probably depend on the location. At really busy locations, where a change to the timing of one junction can affect lots of others (eg major junctions on the ring road), it might be best to make a pedestrian phase happen at a predictable time in the cycle, especially at rush hour.

“But when/where there is very little traffic, making pedestrians wait just encourages them to walk across before the lights change and vehicle traffic then has to stop at an empty crossing, which helps no one.”

Elsewhere, another user shared: “Surely the traffic sequence just needs to prioritise the pedestrian's request and for there to be a lockout period between activations to prevent a dribble of pedestrians effectively taking over a crossing.

“It's an effective way of signalling real support for the active traveller.

“Agree it might slow traffic down but that is frequently not a bad thing in our city centres especially if it deters those making short journeys.”

If the petition gets over 10,000 signatures, it will prompt a response from the Government. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, the matter will be considered for a debate in the House of Commons.


Busy traffic

Traffic in London has been flagged as the worst in the country


Drivers can expect a decision on the petition within a few months, with the deadline taking place on June 19.

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