Britons warned of huge £1,000 fine and licence points for suffering from hay fever this weekend

Britons warned of huge £1,000 fine and licence points for suffering from hay fever this weekend

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Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 13/04/2024

- 13:23

Much of England will deal with a high pollen count today

Drivers around the UK may be enjoying the warm weather, but experts are warning some motorists to be particularly cautious if they have hay fever.

The Met Office has warned drivers that much of England will deal with high pollen counts today, in addition to medium rates in Wales.

With the sunny weather and warm temperatures, many drivers will choose to be out on the road across the weekend.

It is estimated that one in four people suffer from hay fever, with this weekend potentially causing serious issues for drivers across the UK.

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Police car

When drivers do not have a clear view of the road, they could be hit with fines


Most modern vehicles will have a built-in pollen filtration system, although these can become clogged and stop working effectively.

Turning the air con on, even if it's to cool down the car in warm temperatures, could make hay fever symptoms worse.

It can lock in particles of pollen and dust in the car and can be spread around when the air conditioning is turned on.

Callum Butler, from ALA Insurance, urged drivers to avoid winding the windows down, especially when driving in more rural areas.

He said: "If your car has a built-in cabin filter, rely on using your air con when it’s warm, instead of letting fresh air in through your windows.

“Secondly, consider taking a trip to the carwash before and after any long journeys, and have the inside and outside regularly cleaned.

"Pollen and dust tends to hang around, especially in the inside of your car, which could trigger your symptoms before you’ve even set off."

In some instances, motorists could even be fined if they are suffering from hay fever, with drivers being warned of how to avoid such a scenario.

If drivers have itchy eyes or continually sneeze when at the wheel, it could increase the risk of an accident and lead to them not having proper control of the vehicle or full view of the traffic ahead.

This could potentially lead to a huge £1,000 fine and three penalty points on their driving licence.

Taking allergy tablets could also lead to them feeling drowsy at the wheel, especially with antihistamines, as stated on the NHS website.

Butler urged drivers to remain safe, saying: “Not only are sunglasses a must for maintaining visibility of the road during sunny days, but they can also prevent pollen particles from irritating your eyes.


The latest pollen forecast

The Met Office's latest pollen forecast


"I recommend keeping a pair handy in your car in case. But don’t forget to give them a wipe every now and again to remove any build-up.”

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