Petrol and diesel drivers risk further filling station chaos with prices likely to rise despite fuel duty cut

Petrol and diesel drivers risk further filling station chaos with prices likely to rise despite fuel duty cut

WARNING: Motorists to see HUGE diesel and petrol price rises

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 13/04/2024

- 12:41

The fuel duty extension was confirmed by the Chancellor in March

British motorists are still being battered by expensive petrol and diesel costs as new data found that the average price at the pump was 4p higher than the previous month.

When visiting a filling station, drivers can expect to see average prices of around £1.48 for petrol and £1.56 for diesel.

The global price of crude oil jumped in price from mid-March, with Brent Crude now sitting around $90 (£72.25) a barrel - a total not seen since October 2023.

At the time of the last crude oil peak, prices were around four per cent higher than they are now, with petrol sitting at £1.54 while diesel costs around £1.62.

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Petrol station

Petrol and diesel prices could continue to rise in the near future


Prices have steadily increased since the start of the year, with hikes slowing down in mid-March before the recent uptick, according to PetrolPrices.

If drivers are looking to save money on fuel, they could visit their local Sainsbury's or Tesco branches - both of whom have the lowest average prices.

However, both of the supermarket giants have increased their prices since Easter, alongside other major retailers.

Morrisons has the lowest pricing spread of any brand, but price hikes in the last few days may make them less competitive than other supermarkets.

This comes despite the Chancellor's extended cut to the rate of fuel duty, announcing that the freeze of 5p per litre on fuel would continue for another 12 months.

Speaking during the Spring Statement, Jeremy Hunt said: "The Shadow Chancellor complained about the freeze on fuel duty and Labour has opposed it at every opportunity.

"The Labour Mayor of London wants to punish motorists even more with his Ulez plans but lots of families and sole traders depend on their car.

"I have as a result decided to maintain the 5p cut and freeze fuel duty for another 12 months.

"This will save the average car driver £50 next year and bring total savings since the 5p cut was introduced to around £250."

Drivers will also be affected by the "postcode lottery" of prices with motorists in Bolton and County Down paying the least.

However, people in Brighton, Dumfries and Glasgow will need to shop around for the cheapest forecourt as they experience the highest prices.

PetrolPrices, a leading fuel price checking tool, allows drivers to compare costs from 99 per cent of filling stations across the UK.


A petrol station

Supermarket petrol stations are cheaper than other forecourts on average


It comes at a time when fuel prices are rising and other fuel price checkers are removing their services or are only showing around 50 per cent of prices.

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