Tom Holland announces break from acting after dark new TV series: 'It broke me'

Tom Holland

The 27-year-old British actor is currently promoting Apple TV+ thriller series The Crowded Room

Paige Creaney

By Paige Creaney

Published: 08/06/2023

- 10:15

The actor says he is taking a year off to look after his mental health

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has revealed he’s taking a long break from acting after a difficult time shooting his latest role in new AppleTV mini-series The Crowded Room.

The British actor, who plays the lead in the dark psychological thriller, has admitted how “tough” it was and how it “broke him.”

The 27-year-old also produced the series, which is set to land on the streaming service on June 9.

It sees him playing a young man who is arrested for a shocking crime, and an unlikely investigator must solve the mystery behind it before the true criminal strikes again.

Tom Holland smiling

Tom Holland is leading the way in the creepy new series


In a recent interview, Holland said that after working on the series he will be taking a year off as a result of how difficult the show was.

Recalling his time on set, the star told Extra TV: “It was a tough time for sure.

“You know, we were exploring certain emotions that I have definitely never experienced before, and then on top of that, being a producer, dealing with the day-to-day problems that come with any film set, just added that extra level of pressure.

“But I really enjoyed it, I loved the learning curve of becoming a producer. I'm no stranger to hard work, I've always lived by this idea that hard work is good work, and I really enjoyed it.

“But then again, the show did break me. There did come a time where I was sort of like 'I need to have a break'."

The actor previously revealed that working on The Crowded Room highlighted other important areas of his life.

“Learning about mental health and the power of it, and speaking to psychiatrists about the characters’ struggles has been something that has been so informative to my own life,” he said.

“I’m no stranger to the physical aspects of the job, doing the whole action-movie thing.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

The actor is best known for his role in Spider-Man


“But the mental aspect, it really beat me up, and it took a long time for me to recover afterwards, to sort of get back to reality” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Holland stars in The Crowded Room alongside Amanda Seyfried, Sasha Lane, Will Chase, Lior Raz, Laila Robins, Christopher Abbott and Henry Eikenberry.

The series premieres on June 9 on Apple TV+.

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