Mary Poppins fans furious over ‘woke’ decision to change age rating after ‘discriminatory language’ claims

Mary Poppins fans furious over ‘woke’ decision to change age rating after ‘discriminatory language’ claims

Mary Poppins has been rated a PG from a U

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 27/02/2024

- 10:57

Updated: 27/02/2024

- 11:42

The British Board of Film Classification has deemed the 1964 Disney film to be unsuitable for children

Disney fans are furious at the British Board of Film Classification after it changed the age rating of the 1964 classic from a U to a PG.

The BBFC now considers the magical film to no longer be suitable for children to watch alone due to discriminatory language.

Its reclassification comes due to the word "Hottentots" being said twice within the film by Admiral Boom (played by Reginald Owen).

The dated term was historically used by Europeans to refer to the Khoekhoe, a group of nomadic herders in South Africa, but is now regarded as racially offensive.

The BBFC has said the decision to change the rating will help families “choose well” by giving guidance on what’s right for them and “what’s not”.

Disney fans were left furious over the news and took to their X account where one frustrated viewer noted: “You couldn’t make it up. Julie Andrews’ film ‘Mary Poppins’ has had its classification changed from U to PG.

Admiral Boom

The rating was changed after the use of the word Hottentot


“Apparently, a term used to refer to soot-faced chimney sweeps was once used as a ‘derogatory term for nomadic peoples in southern Africa’. Woke sans frontieres!”

“Mary Poppins is racist and they’re putting a pill tax on toaster. Is it time to go home yet?” another quipped before a third added: “Mary Poppins is trending because in 2024 it's been decided the film should be changed from U to PG rating.

“Imagine being the person that thinks Mary Poppins needs parental guidance to be seen. Getting ridiculous, so many bigger issues in media that really are affecting childhoods.”

Another user fumed: “That’s it. This country is now officially mad. Reclassifying Mary Poppins so kids can’t see it alone is absolutely beyond sense – I just had to find a copy to hear it.”

Mary Poppins

Disney fans were left furious at the "woke" change


“Mary Poppins, the classic film starring Julie Andrew, has had its age rating raised by British film censors because it features ‘discriminatory language’. Can it get any more ridiculous?” one expressed. (sic)

The BBFC said: “We understand from our racism and discrimination research... that a key concern for... parents is the potential to expose children to discriminatory language or behaviour which they may find distressing or repeat without realising the potential offence.”

The scenes in question happen when Admiral Boom is dangling from the roof of a boat and asks one of the Banks children if they are “going to fight the Hottentots”.

Later in the film when the chimney sweeps, whose faces are blackened from the soot, dance on the roof when the admiral shouts “We’re being attacked by Hottentots,” before aiming fireworks at them.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins recently had its age certification changed


According to the BBFC’s guidelines on PG content, it claims “some scenes may be unsuitable for young children.”

It added that whilst children of any age can watch, parents are advised to consider whether some scenes may upset “younger or more sensitive children”.

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