'Brexit really changed things!' British expat shares difficulties moving from UK to Europe

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An expat has spoken about the challenges they faced moving

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 28/10/2023

- 08:30

An expat has opened up about the challenges they faced moving from the UK to Europe

Robert, 30, moved from central Scotland to Oslo, Norway to pursue a new job opportunity.

Not knowing much about the country before, the expat has opened up exclusively to GB News about his experience of being a Brit living abroad.

One of the biggest challenges for moving was getting a visa sorted, Robert told GB News.

He explained this was more complicated after Brexit than it might have been before.

Oslo Norway

Oslo is a bustling part of Norway


He said: "Brexit changed things. Due to Brexit, it was actually a bit more complicated.

"It took me four or five months to get my work visa."

While he explained it wasn't too difficult, Robert said it was much harder than it would have been before Brexit.

"It wasn't too hard to obtain but it was harder to obtain than it would have been if I was part of the EU," the expat continued.

"In that case, you would be able to move freely."

New rules were introduced after Brexit for Britons looking to move to Europe.

UK nationals became subject to the immigration rules of the destination country, rather than being allowed to move freely across the continent.

Getting a work visa can be time-consuming, however it is usually not too difficult for Britons to get one.

Oslo Norway water

The expat spoke about getting a visa


Robert spoke about what else he found difficult before his move.

"The biggest challenge is the language," Robert explained.

"Even though you can get by with English, to properly integrate into society here, you need to speak the Norwegian language."

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