British expat charged £20,000 after bowel exploded during trip home in the UK

Almeria Spain

The expat lives in Almeria, Spain

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 09/10/2023

- 13:21

Updated: 11/10/2023

- 15:27

A British expat has been changed thousands after having surgery at home

An expat, 55, was charged around £20,000 in hospital bills after she had a serious health problem during a trip to the UK.

The woman was visiting the UK when she needed life saving surgery.

Originally from Wales, Helen Winslade lives in Almeria, Spain, with her husband Karl.

During a visit to the UK, her bowel exploded and she needed emergency surgery.

British expats have pension issues

She has since been diagnosed with a GISTs Tumour, a rare form of bowel cancer.

Helen has been given a bill for around £20,000 for her treatment, despite "paying NI and tax all her working life".

The couple posted about the experience on their Go Fund Me page.

They wrote: "The surgeon had to remove a section of the small intestine and reconnect it. The removed part was sent off for analysis."

Helen has been in the UK for more than two months waiting for treatments and tests.

The couple set up a social page for donations for the treatments.

She said she has been hit with the bills despite being from the UK.

Those who are not UK residents need the relevant documents such as an EHIC card or Provisional Replacement Certificate to have healthcare covered while in the UK.

Expats in Spain

A woman shared her experience after having surgery while at home


Britons will choose to move abroad for careers or a change of lifestyle.

Expats who moved to the French countryside spoke about their experiences.

An expat spoke of the "culture clashes" and what he "doesn't get" about France after moving there from the UK.

He also noted conflict and a sense of "divide" between the French and the Brits.

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