Eurostar cancels ALL trains through Channel Tunnel leaving Britons stranded: French workers launch 'unexpected strikes' ruining thousands of festive plans

Eurostar queues

Trains have been cancelled today

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 21/12/2023

- 13:00

Updated: 22/12/2023

- 13:53

Eurostar has cancelled all trains last minute

All trains to London have been cancelled with Britons in France asked not to go to the train station.

The company cancelled trains due to "last minute" strikes and trains won't run until further notice.

Those due to travel have shared their experiences, with one claiming it had "ruined Christmas".

Those who were set to travel have been urged to stay away from the station.

Eurostar train

Britons in France have had their trains cancelled until further notice


This follows more travel chaos hitting Britons travelling by plane or train in the UK today.

One person caught up in the Eurostar disruptions posted on X: @Eurostar currently stuck outside Tunnel in Calais on the way to UK.

"Train at a standstill. Announcement that a sudden strike by Channel Tunnel staff to blame ??? Any info please ??"

The company replied: "Hello, we're sorry for the disruption today. We are doing everything that we can for our passengers considering the current situation.

"Please listen to any onboard announcement - thank you for your understanding."

Another user posted on X: "I’m already on the train they’re sending us back to Paris."

A third added: @Eurostar you’ve just ruined my Christmas it should have been my first Christmas with my girlfriend, you have ruined everything."


Eurostar trains won't run through the Channel Tunnel


A Eurostar spokesperson told GB News: "A full Eurostar timetable out of London, Paris and Brussels is running today (December 22) with eight extra services added and over 10,000 extra seats available for the next three days. Eurostar’s full focus today and over the weekend is on getting people home and on holiday for Christmas.

"At such an important time of year for families and friends getting together, extra trains have been organised to help customers whose plans were disrupted, and all staff have been mobilised to provide support.

"Customers can exchange their tickets for free or claim a refund.

"Although yesterday’s events were out of Eurostar’s control, the team is working around the clock to provide support to all customers affected and is committed to ensuring they reach their destinations in time to have a fantastic festive period."

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