Luke Littler 'has same fear factor as Mike Tyson' but Phil Taylor 'would knock him down a peg or two'

Luke Littler 'has same fear factor as Mike Tyson' but Phil Taylor 'would knock him down a peg or two'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 25/05/2024

- 13:11

The 17-year-old won the Premier League on Thursday night

Darts icon Dennis Priestley thinks Luke Littler carries the same fear factor as Mike Tyson.

However, the 73-year-old insists Phil Taylor would be able to knock the teenager 'down a peg or two' as his stock continues to soar.

Littler is the man of the moment, having beaten Luke Humphries to win the Premier League on Thursday night.

The youngster has been nothing short of sensational since bursting onto the scene at the World Darts Championship last year.

Luke Littler

Luke Littler is a man on the up after winning the Premier League on Thursday night


And Priestley believes Littler is too strong for the rest, while also saying he carries the same fear factor as boxing icon Tyson.

He told BestAnonymousCasinos: "Luke Littler has burst onto the scene like a young Mike Tyson, who would often beat his opponents on fear alone.

"There is that fear factor around Littler already which comes from the way he is playing and the way he is winning."

Taylor is currently considered as the greatest darts player of all time.

But Priestley can't see Littler matching his records, despite the stunning start he's made to his career.

"In terms of Luke Littler’s record breaking, 16 world titles is not realistic," he continued.

"Although he has all the time in the world he will get fed up and worn out eventually.

"He will also have so much money that he won’t need to go through it all and I don’t think he or anyone will get close to Phil Taylor’s 16 world titles.

"Another record that won’t get beaten is his 16 World Matchplay victories, I also think it will be too hard to beat Michael van Gerwen’s seven Premier League titles.

"Luke Littler is going to earn enough money to keep him going for a lifetime in a very short space of time, he’ll have £10 million before he hits 25 and that’s different to Phil Taylor who didn’t see the huge prize funds until the last few years of his career.

"Keeping that desire is something that young Littler will have to sort out in his own mind to keep himself motivated."

He continued: "Watching Luke Littler, Phil Taylor would love to be young again because he has that mindset means he loves to overcome obstacles.

"A young Phil Taylor would’ve been good enough to knock Littler down a peg or two."

It's an open secret that not every darts player has invested in the Littler fairytale.

Michael Smith, speaking recently, said a few were 'getting upset' with the attention the youngster receives.


Mike Tyson

Luke Littler has been compared to Mike Tyson after his Premier League triumph


And Priestley believes other darts stars are 'jealous' of Littler, while also expressing a belief they must improve in order to stop him from dominating for many years to come.

"There’s a bit of jealousy of Luke Littler thanks to his success, when you’re at the top they all want to take a swipe and beat you. He has to take it as a compliment," he added.

"At his age the way he deals with that is incredible, he has an old head on young shoulders.

"Rival players can’t handle the pressure of playing Luke Littler because they know if they miss a dart at a double they are not going to get another dart, that’s pressure.

"You have to put pressure on his doubles with your scoring to have any chance.

Phil Taylor

Luke Littler has been told Phil Taylor would 'knock him down a peg or two'


"Then it comes down to that one crucial leg or double to stop him.

"Rival players have to ignore the hype, they haven’t been landing a punch on him."

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