Jake Paul receives chilling challenge ahead of controversial Mike Tyson boxing fight - 'I'll hurt him'

Jake Paul receives chilling challenge ahead of controversial Mike Tyson boxing fight - 'I'll hurt him'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 31/03/2024

- 09:49

The two men will fight on July 20 despite a huge 30-year age gap

Bare-knuckle boxing champion Mike Perry has called out Jake Paul, insisting he wants to fight the 27-year-old if he's able to beat Mike Tyson in July.

Paul and Tyson will meet in Texas in four months' time, with Netflix set to stream the showdown to millions around the world.

Critics have condemned the fight, however, with a huge 30-year age gap between the two men.

Tyson is one of the best heavyweights in boxing history, while Paul is a YouTuber with just 10 fights to his name so far.

Boxing news Jake Paul Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will fight in July


And Perry, speaking to TMZ, has called out Paul for a fight 'if he hurts' Tyson, who will be 58 when the fight takes place.

"Jake Paul, man. If he hurts Mike Tyson, bro, let me get that," he said.

“He's not doing bareknuckle, but I wouldn't put it past Jake Paul because he's been doing stuff that people would say he's afraid of and things like that.

“That's partly what drew me to bare-knuckle was that so many were worried about it or afraid of it."

He added: "I'm like, 'It seems real to me.'

"So Jake, man, definitely issuing you a challenge.

"If you get through Mike Tyson, test yourself for real and let's have a street fight.

"F**k Jake, he's got some [talent], but I'd like to say I'm beating him as fast as he's beating these taxi drivers, especially bare-knuckle.

"I'll hurt him and he'll cry and run away and cower in the corner in the foetal position."

It is currently unclear if the fight will be a professional or exhibition match.

Both Paul and Tyson would like it to be the former, despite the controversial nature of their clash.

On Saturday, it was claimed some 'rules' for the fight had been agreed.

Reports suggested the pair were set to wear 16-ounce boxing gloves, instead of the traditional 10oz gloves used in professional fights.

It was rumoured rounds would be two rounds, instead of three.

And it was also claimed there would be no official judges ringside to score the fight as well.


Boxing news Mike Perry

Boxing news: Mike Perry has called out Jake Paul ahead of his fight with Mike Tyson


However, Paul's manager Nikasa Bidarian has now responded to those claims by branding them 'fake news'.

He said: "Breaking news, there is no news.

"Stop spreading fake news, there’s no truth regarding Jake Paul-Mike Tyson.

"Here’s what is true, 1. Mike Tyson is in unbelievable shape and training like he hasn’t in many, many years and is looking scary for Jake Paul. 2. There are no tickets for sale. 3. Over 85,000 people have signed up to get access to tickets when they go on sale, this is going to be a historic event."

Paul, for his part, thinks his battle with Tyson will be the 'biggest fight in history'.

Boxing news Jake Paul

Boxing news: Jake Paul insists his fight with Mike Tyson will be the 'biggest in history'


“It’s crazy to think that in my second pro fight, I went viral for knocking out Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s undercard," he said.

"Now, less than four years later, I’m stepping up to face Tyson myself to see if I have what it takes to beat one of boxing’s most notorious fighters and biggest icons.

“Within just two and a half years of founding MVP, we’re about to produce the biggest fight in history, a fight in the biggest NFL stadium in the US, broadcast live, on the biggest streaming platform in the world – a testament to all we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.

"Whether you’re tuning in on Netflix or showing out in person, whether you’re team Paul or team Tyson, or whether you’re a lifelong boxing fan or watching your first fight, you’re not going to want to miss this event."

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