Mike Tyson 'shouldn't be near a boxing ring' as stinging attack launched over Jake Paul fight

Mike Tyson 'shouldn't be near a boxing ring' as stinging attack launched over Jake Paul fight

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 30/03/2024

- 13:19

The two Americans will fight at the AT&T Stadium in July

Barry McGuigan has launched a stinging attack on Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's decision to fight, with the former world champion saying Tyson 'shouldn't be anywhere near a boxing ring' at the age of 57.

The two Americans are set to fight in Texas on July 20, despite a huge 30-year age gap.

Tyson is considered one of the best heavyweights of all time.

However, the 57-year-old's decision to fight 27-year-old Paul has sparked controversy and criticism - with some unhappy with the fight going ahead.

Boxing news Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Boxing news: Mike Tyson has been criticised for fighting Jake Paul


McGuigan has now spoken to The Sun and joined those condemning the showdown, insisting they're only fighting for the money.

“You can be sure money’s got something to do with it," he fumed.

“The governing body should be seriously badly reprimanded for that — getting a 57-year-old guy in to box.

“That’s just really stupid and irresponsible.

“He shouldn’t be near a boxing ring at 57 years old.”

McGuigan was then asked if he'd ever come out of retirement to fight again.

And the 63-year-old responded by saying: "You must be joking, never. Its just very irresponsible. It's very dangerous."

The former boxing star also claims Tyson is 'discrediting' his past achievements by choosing to go up against Paul.

He continued: “The problem with so many of these influencers boxing is that the general public think anybody can do it. They can’t.

“That’s what annoys the professional fighters about these influencers."

And McGuigan's son, Shane, is also unhappy.

He raged: “They’re trying to steal headlines in the sense, ‘OK, let’s bring in Mike Tyson’.

“Because he’s done it all, it just discredits what he’s done in his career.

“He’s the face of boxing.”

He continued: “Jake Paul’s not going to put on his YouTube channel when he spars bad or when he feels c**p and he’s upset and he’s crying or he’s frustrated.


Boxing news Barry McGuigan

Boxing news: Barry McGuigan has fumed over Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fighting in July


“He’s only putting on the good days.

“Kids just wanna see glitz and glamour and gossip.”

“This sport’s a real hard sport and you can’t fake it, you can’t just suddenly get to a world title.

“You can’t just turn up one day without no training.

“You’ve got to put the hours and work in and it’s brutal.”

Boxing news Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Mike Tyson will be 58 when he goes up against Jake Paul later in the year


Meanwhile, some of the rules for Tyson's fight with Paul have been announced.

Both men will be wearing 16-ounce boxing gloves instead of the traditional 10-ounce gloves used in professional fights.

And rounds for the bout are set to last two minutes, instead of three, while there will be no official judges ringside to score the fight.

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